Anise Oil Vs Anise Extract - Are They Interchangeable?

Anise is a common ingredient used in the kitchen for candies, cookies, etc. It has a distinct taste and adds quite a lot of flavor to various dishes. This ingredient is available in different forms, the oil and extract being the most common ones. This is why doubts about them arise. Are they the same? Can you use them interchangeably? How are they different? Our article has all the answers!

Anise Oil Vs Anise Extract

About Anise Oil

Anise oil is a flavoring that’s very highly concentrated. It is particularly used to make candy. It is derived from star anise, which has a licorice-like flavor. Along with candy, the oil sees multiple applications in Japanese and Chinese cooking. In addition, it is known to cure some medical ailments such as a runny nose and an upset stomach.

Anise oil has a pungent, spicy-sweet scent and a woody undertone.

About Anise Extract

Anise extract also comes from the star anise tree but both, the seeds and leaves of the plant are used to make the extract. It has a similar scent as that of the oil but it is quite strong. It consists of a compound called anethole, which is the reason why it is so strong.

In general, anise extract is not as concentrated as oil. It is used to make cookies, breads, etc.

Are Anise Oil And Anise Extract Interchangeable?

What if you have anise oil and the recipe requires anise extract? What if you have the extract but you need the oil? Don’t worry at all. Both these ingredients can be interchanged. 

However, you cannot directly replace them. Measurements and quantities will vary because the oil is much more concentrated than the extract. The substitution is roughly as follows:

¼ tsp. anise oil = 1 tsp. anise extract

If you remember this, you will be able to use them interchangeably without changing the taste, texture, or aroma of the final product. 

People Also Ask

1.) How Long Does Anise Oil Last?

Pure anise oil can last for up to 4 years.

2.) Can You Drink Anise Extract?

While it is mostly considered safe to consume directly, some people are allergic and can have adverse effects.

3.) Does Anise Oil Expire?

We recommend that you use it within a couple of years of extraction.

4.) What Can You Use Instead Of Anise Extract?

You can use anise oil or vanilla extract. 


We hope we have successfully been able to clear all your doubts about anise oil and anise extract. They are both excellent ingredients for baking and cooking some dishes. If you have any more questions about the same, please feel free to let us know.


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