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If you are new here, let me tell you, I survive on eggs. I need them regularly; of course, the proteins are so beneficial, but the boxes are as much as futile!  I have plenty of them piled up in my warehouse. My routine of  ‘cleaning the house weekend’ made me think about what can be done with so many of them? That is when the thought of recycling struck me. But the idea was followed with another question;

Are Egg Cartons Recyclable? 

The answer is quite confusing yet straight. I mean, it’s yes, but it’s a no as well. Oh no, no no… There's much confusion now. Okay! Firstly you will have to check what material has been used to make the carton. Some are made of recyclable elements while the others are not, so obviously, those containers cannot be recycled. 

What are egg cartons made of?

It is a basic mix of different materials, sometimes foamed plastics or polystyrene or paper and cardboard: these components are mixed and further mechanized to form the shapes to contain eggs safely. 

Are egg cartons recyclable or garbage?

They are no garbage if you have recyclable ones. Here let me be your friend today in helping you identify the type of carton which will make it easier for you.  

The pulp packages - These are made from the pulp of recycled papers and cardboard, which makes them eco-friendly. Paper and cardboard are easy to recycle in many ways. You can remake them into new packages by recycling the egg cartons. If at all eggs were broken and the cartons have their stains, you can compost them in the soil. 

Styrofoam containers - These are made of polystyrene (a kind of plastic used to create a variety of plastic products). When plastics come in, you know that one cannot recycle them. Similarly, styrofoam ones are non-recyclable. Nevertheless, you can still use these for many different purposes such as storing novels and books, storage for old newspapers, etc.  Mine was made of Styrofoam, so I have installed them as planters near my window sills. 

Thus, if you have those pulp egg cartons made of paper and cardboard, you can perfectly recycle them; however, if you have the foam ones, you cannot recycle them but use them for different purposes. Have you ever dealt with a bad-smelling refrigerator? Then do check out my blog Refrigerator smells like a dead animal


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