Best Chocolate Tempering Machine Reviews of 2020

“Chocolates” – One of the most desired, delighted, and discussed things in the world! This topic is universal. And why not! 9/10 people love chocolates. One study suggested that around 1 billion people eat chocolates every day, and approximately fifty percent of the earth’s total population cannot live without chocolates daily! We are sure you are one of those nine people, and that is why here we are discussing chocolate- the heavenly food.

Are Chocolates Healthy?

Are Chocolates Healthy

If we talk about America and Europe, then it is a fact that average Americans and average Europeans consume 12 pounds and 15 pounds of chocolate per year, respectively, as reported by the surveys. Shocked? Don’t be. It has a reason. Not just being one of the best and tasty food items, chocolates are the healthier option to eat. Yes, you read it right! If you take it in its raw form, it is the highest antioxidant food.

Chocolate Recipes and Tempering of Chocolates

Tempering of Chocolates

We all know that there are many delicious chocolate recipes. Your favorite lava cake and pudding or the blended chocolate shakes are also some of the yummy results of this unusual food item. The first step to make any chocolate recipe is that you need to do the tempering of chocolates

What is tempering exactly? Tempering is a process of heating and cooling chocolate before using it any further to add in any recipe. If you like chocolates and love to try new recipes, a tempering machine is a must-have thing for you! 

Looking for the best chocolate tempering machine in today’s market can be no less than an adventure. The selection procedure might take a while, but can you ask your craving to be on hold till you figure out which is the best one? Of course not. Don’t worry; we don’t want you to be harsh on yourself by starving from chocolate, and so here in this article, we will review the best chocolate tempering machine. And here we go!

Best Chocolate Tempering Machine

1. ChocoVision C116MINIREV1

ChocoVision C116MINIREV1We are talking about chocolate tempering machine reviews, and we do not consider ChocoVision next to impossible. It is one of the most popular brands of at-home tempering machines. ChocoVision is a leading manufacturer and provides top-notch features in its products. C116MINIREV1 is one great option for chocolate tempering from ChocoVision. For tempered chocolate decorations, this model is perfect. It is easy to use, even if to a non-technical learner. Moreover, the cost is meager, and shipping is free. In short, it is a great deal, grab it!

  • It is a fully automatic home tempering chocolate machine with a removable bowl and baffle.

  • This mini machine has 1.5 lb. Capacity and has simplest controls, though.

  • It uses forced hot air for the tempering of the chocolates. 

  • It is designed to temper up any white, milk, or dark chocolate in around 25 minutes.

  • The dimension for C116MINIREV1 is 12.5 x 10.5 x 5.2 inches, and it weighs just around 7.6 pounds. 

  • This Mini Rev is an affordable appliance for any dessert date or dinner party.

  • But it is not for use in 220/240 volts.

  • It needs a bowl of a specific size. You can’t just use any bowl with this machine.


2. Hillard’s Chocolate Tempering Machine

CHOCOLATE TEMPERING MACHINEIf you have to temper up chocolates daily, go for Hillard’s tempering unit for some commercial use or any other reasons. It is best for your business purpose as its capacity is higher than the standard home chocolate tempering machines. This machine is known as the Little Dipper. Buy it if you want a bit more capacity, and make your customers happy by offering many chocolates.

  • The tempering capacity of this machine is 25 LBS per day with the sturdy body of stainless steel. 

  • It is popular amongst the bakers and chocolate recipes makers.

  • It is so perfect for melting chocolates as it makes activities like coating fruits, nuts easy. 

  • The filling in the center is also easy. You will also be able to temper clusters.

  • This tempering machine comes with 120 V, 400 watts. 

  • The size of the machine is 16″” X 16″” X 17″”, and it weighs around 45 pounds.

  • If the bowl is overfilled, the machine might get messy and a bit tough to clean.

  • It needs a specific Voltage supply.


3. ChocoVision C116110VREV5

ChocoVisionC116110VREV5As we have mentioned earlier, ChocoVision is an excellent brand for getting the units to melt/temper chocolates. The C116110VREV5 also has a programmed microprocessor, which uses forced hot air, which can quickly temper the chocolates. This machine has one more advantage than the others. It has been approved by NSF – National Science Foundation. It ensures that the chocolate will come out without losing its quality and essence! 

  • It has a manual temperature adjustment for melt cycle and temper mode up to 120 degrees and 100 degrees, respectively.

  • This model offers a standard capacity of 5 pounds and 9 pound capacity with a holey baffle.

  • It has an LED temperature display and expects very little maintenance.

  • One can easily use it daily.

  • The Revelation V can temper on 50 lbs. of the chocolates per day.

  • The dimension of this product is 15.5 x 15.5 x 6.5 inches, and it weighs 28 pounds.

  • If the bowl is not placed correctly, it may not rotate and give you the right temperature.

  • Cleaning might be a task.


4. ChocoVision C116DELTA110V

ChocoVision C116DELTA110VThis fully automatic chocolate tempering machine has 17 lbs. capacity and extended temper mode. It has a beautiful design and less maintenance. The Rev delta C116DELTA110V is also an NSF certified tempering machine. It is ChocoVision’s most sophisticated product. Compact and cute, but very useful. There is a lot of demand for this model of the Revelation series.

  • It has advanced software and display systems that will help you to notice and measure the temperature continuously.

  • It melts/tempers a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 17 pounds, and that too, in about one hour.

  • According to users (even professionals), this is an ideal machine to temper the chocolates either in the home or workshop.

  • The dimensions are; 18.2 x 18.2 x 7 inches, and the item’s weight is 36 pounds.

  • Not using it as per the guidelines can make the process cumbersome. 

  • It produces a noise when in use.


5. ALDKitechen Professional Tempering Machine

ALDKitechen Chocolate Melting PotIf you are into a bakery or any other profession that requires a moderate amount of chocolate supply every day, you need a tempering machine that is not too costly but meets all your requirements. ALDKitchen brings you the Professional Chocolate Tempering machine after being considerate of all your needs and wants.

  • It is made up of high-quality stainless steel with a voltage of 110 V 60Hz making the device more reliable and durable.

  • It has an adequate storage capacity of 3 tanks. 12 kg of solid chocolate can be melted at once. 

  • It consists of an M type heating tube that ensures even heating. 

  • The highest and lowest water level prevents dry burning, and so there is no loss of chocolate. 

  • Due to its compact size, it is easily portable and is digitally controlled. Hence easy to use.

  • If you don’t have an idea about setting the correct temperature, you might find it challenging to get a steady temperature. 

  • If not taken care of by temperature setting, it might result in underheating or overheating.


6. Ethedeal Electric Chocolate Tempering Machine

Ethedeal Electric Chocolate Melting MachineIf your expectations regarding a chocolate tempering machine are limited to households or a small scale bakery, you can rely on Ethedeal Electric Chocolate Tempering Machine. It has good customer reviews and is considered as the best choice if the need for chocolate tempering is not that large.

  • It has a unique feature of heating in separation with water.

  • It has a storage capacity of 18 kg on 1000 watts. 

  • The heating temperature can be adjusted at will.

  • You can even get the temperature to be constant throughout.

  • It helps in saving electricity.

  • The Ethedeal has a team of experts that respond as soon as possible in case of any issue.

  • Nt suitable for places where a large amount of chocolate tempering is required.

  • It needs more manual work.


7. Happybuy Electric Chocolate Tempering Pot

Happybuy Electric Chocolate Tempering PotWaiting to feed your craving is quite tiresome. Wish to get it faster and without any mess? Well, Happybuy brings to you an Electric chocolate tempering pot that takes care of your wish and makes sure you don’t have to wait longer for your mouth-watering chocolate dish.

  • It comprises 304 stainless steel, which is heat resistant, corrosion-free, and safe to use for eatables.

  • It has an M shaped heating tube that makes the heating process ingenious and much quicker.

  • Its operation is hassle-free, easy to clean, and can be used for various purposes. 

  • It has a double cylinder design and can up to 8kg of chocolate at a time.

  • It needs a power supply of 110V/60Hz, and the temperature range is 0 to 80 degrees Celcius.

  • It runs on water heating. So you may have to provide water every now and then.

  • It heats up easily; you may get burnt. Using gloves is recommended.


Comparison of Chocolate Tempering Machine

Now that you have read so far, you are aware of 

  1. Chocolate is essential.
  2. There are numerous benefits of chocolate. Some of them are:
  • Chocolate has been proven to help you to lose weight and improve your appetite. 
  • It is suitable for your skin, heart, and blood circulation. 
  • It reduces the risk of stroke, prevents diabetes, and maintains cholesterol.
  • Dark chocolate is a boost for many people around the world. 
  1. In order to prepare chocolate delicacies, You will need a chocolate tempering machine, be it for your household, bakery, restaurant, or any other business where chocolate is a must.
  2. There are certain factors that you should consider before buying a chocolate tempering machine. They are:
  • Quantity of chocolate requires: Depending on your usage, how much chocolate do you need? Do you need it occasionally or on a daily basis? This would help in deciding the capacity of the chocolate tempering machine.
  • Space: Do you have room for a big machine or a small one would do?
  • Affordability: At this very moment, how much can you spend on a chocolate tempering machine?
  1. Not all chocolates are created equal. If chocolates contain ”Flavonoids,” then they are healthy.

All the products that are shortlisted are the best as per our knowledge and research. However, many people do question us as to which is the best one. We cannot choose one, but if we have to recommend only one, we would love to recommend ChocoVision C116MINIREV1. 

We hope this article has satisfied your needs and what you were searching for! Stop being confused about whether to buy such tempering units or not! Buy the best chocolate tempering machine from the reviews given in this article and make delicious recipes to improve your health.

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