Best Lavazza Coffee to Use in Keurig - Tasted and Reviewed by Coffee Lovers

Those who are not morning person struggle to get themselves up and make a good cup of coffee that gets them functioning. If you are among those people, then take a shot for the very famous Lavazza coffee which has the power of turning a bad morning into a fun morning.

Best Lavazza Coffee to Use in Keurig

The remarkable Luigi Lavazza invented this renowned coffee in 1985. It's not at all surprising now the company owns nearly half of the coffee market in Italy. They are also distributors of this famous beverage product to more than 90 countries. Today the 4th generation is proudly handling the business and got together with Keurig - boldest step in the industry to launch their very own Lavazza Keurig K-cup line. Mainly there are four variants in Lavazza Keurig - Great Aroma, Perfetto, Classico, and Gran Selezione. While all have different tastes or strength, these Italian Coffees have more depth than any American Coffees. So, if you are ready to taste the Keurig Lavazza coffee, you need to know the best product to choose online. We have chosen the top five products available online ranked based on taste, texture, customer ratings, and pricing.

1. Lavazza Coffee 64 K-Cup Pods

With the highest number of ratings, the Lavazza Coffee 64 K-Cup Pods is a must-buy for coffee lovers. These are the medium-roast Espresso ground coffee packed in fancy airtight containers. Designed for Keurig coffee machines, choose any pod from Gran Aroma, Gran Selezione, and Perfetto, place the pod of coffee, and you will have fresh, robust and aromatic coffee to wake you up. 

Lavazza Coffee 64 K-Cup Pods comes with these following features.

  • A grand box of 64 K-cup pods contain four blends Classico, Gran Selezione, Gran Aroma, and Perfetto
  • The package includes combinations from medium to dark roast and Espresso.
  • All the Lavazza Coffee blends are made in Italy.
  • These pods are compatible with only the Keurig brewing machine.

2. Lavazza Medium Roast Classico Coffee

For those who don't wish for dark coffees and stick to Medium Roast, can go for the classic Keurig Lavazza pods. This coffee holds the signature aroma of Italian coffee blended with dried fruits to enhance its natural flavors. With 88 K-cups, you won't have to face lousy morning months. 

Lavazza Medium Roast Classico Coffee comes with these following features:

  • The package comes four main boxes, each with 22 Pods of each holding Lavazza Medium Roast K-Cups.
  • The coffee is roasted at a specific temperature to bring out dried fruit flavor along with its naturally bitter taste to create a perfect medium roast blend.
  • With K-cups specially designed for the Keurig brewers, you can enjoy a good cup of coffee without making a mess.

3. Lavazza Espresso Pt. Crema E Aroma

Lavazza coffee's greatness can be analyzed by looking at its demand in the Italian Market. Among all their collections, the Lavazza Crema E Aroma Espresso is the most popular. If you want a strong coffee that leaves a long-lasting toasty taste in the mouth, then go for this package. With every sip, you will enjoy its intense flavor, which is the signature mark of Lavazza. 

Lavazza Espresso Pt. Crema E Aroma comes with these following features:

  • Lavazza Espresso Pack gives you 100 pods that are designed for Keurig machines.
  • This is medium roast coffee but with intense color, texture, and flavor that will linger in your senses for a long time.
  • Ground to perfection, the espresso blend is made using proper heat, specific roasting technique, and high-quality coffee beans.

4. Lavazza 30 K-Cup Brewers

Another mix pack of medium roast coffee is the Lavazza 30 K-Cup, which is the mix of Lavazza Gran Aroma and Classico. All the coffee pods in the package are handpicked, so be assured you are going to get the best K-Cups you can find online. Enjoy new flavor coffee every day with these pods by using Keurig Brewing Machine. 

Lavazza 30 K-Cup Brewers comes with these following features:

  • Get the mix pack of Lavazza Classico & Gran Aroma, which are a medium roast coffee.
  • The package introduces the four great flavors of Lavazza.
  • The bold roasted coffee pods are compatible with only Keurig Brewing Machine.
  • The mix won't be as same as shown online, so be prepared to get a slightly different mix, but be assured it will be okay.

 5. Lavazza Espresso Classico

Making a single cup of good coffee is often a messy work as you need to measure the correct quantity of coffee, get water to make a perfect decoction for just one cup of Espresso. Now, get rid of this hassle with Lavazza Espresso Classico K-Cups made from blending and roasting the world's best coffee. This coffee will bring life to your senses, and the robust taste will keep you going for longer hours. 

Lavazza Espresso Classico comes with these following features:

  • The 36 Lavazza Espresso pods are designed for Keurig Rivo System.
  • Blended to perfection, this medium roast espresso is a must if you like your lattes and cappuccinos.
  • You will notice a hint of tropical fruit and some floral notes after every sip of this beautiful coffee.


In the end, all we can say is that if you are a true coffee enthusiast, enjoy a good cup of coffee, then go for the best Lavazza coffee to use in the Keurig machine. While each product on the list comes with its unique taste and designed to satisfy your need, it will be unjust to pick one product for you. While some are medium roast, others are dark; each coffee blend has its potent taste and rustic aroma. So, we leave up to you to choose the best beverage as per your liking. Let us know which one is the most pleasing one to your mouth.


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