Best nori for sushi - Top rated and Healthy sushi seaweed

One of the Japenese dishes that became popular in the last decade was Sushi. People all over the world started enjoying sushi rolls due to its taste and goodness of the nori used in its making. Nori is the other name for edible seaweed, which is used in making the sheets for sushi rolls. The red algae seaweed is the main ingredient used in the making of the rolls for Sushi. The sushi seaweed or nori is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fibers, making it an ideal option for someone who wants to eat clean.

Best nori for sushi

However, making these nori sheets can be time-consuming. So it's better to opt for readymade nori for Sushi. Today many brands offer nori sheets that can be used to make dishes such as onigiri, gimbap and Sushi with ease. So to know the best nori brands, lets quickly go through the list given below. All the brands are known for making premium quality nori for Sushi

1. Daechun(Choi's1)Sushi Nori

The number one choice for getting a premium quality sushi nori among the customers is this one by Daechun. This one is perfect for the people who follow the mantra of conscious eating as it has zero fat. The nori is made using high-quality seaweed exclusively, which is harvested on the west coast of Korea. There are fifty sheets in this bag however you can opt for other sizes too. The bag comes with the manufacture date along with the expiration date for the safety of customers. 

Key features:

  • This nori made with roasted seaweed with natural unami flavor making it perfect for making sushi, musubi, and onigiri.
  • It is low calories, high in iodine and also enriched with proteins and fiber.
  • As this sushi nori comes in a resealable bag, one can use it multiple times by storing it in the refrigerator.
  • There are no added substances or chemicals in this sushi.

2. One Organic Sushi Nori

Another option that you can consider for buying a value for money nori is this One Organic sushi nori. The sheets have the ideal thickness so that there us minimal tearing while working these sheets for recipes. There are fifty sheets in this party pack, and you can also choose the quantity according to your preferences. The nori sheets are packed in a resealable bag for easy storage and maintaining its freshness. 

Key features:

  • The nori sheets are made using USDA approved organic roasted seaweed.
  • These organic nori sheets are made using silver grade nori, which is roasted carefully to give a crisp without adding any texture or chewiness.
  • There are no substances added to this nori and is grown organically without harming the environment.
  • One can use this nori for sushi, musubi, garnish, onigiri, and other snacks or food. 
  • It is low in calories and rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

3. Kimnori store Yaki Nori Sushi

One of the brands known for its high-quality seaweed is Kimnori U.S.A, which is also the largest seaweed producer in the United States. The company is certified as non-GMO, gluten-free as well as Kosher certified. The brand uses premium quality laver for making these nori sheets that have not tampered with any other chemicals or substances. There are 100 sheets in this packet, so if you are looking for a party size pack to buy, this option will be ideal for you. 

Key features:

  • The sheets are made using roasted seaweed rich in nutritional value.
  • The nori for sushi comes in a resealable bag to store in the refrigerator with ease.
  • There is no added sugar or trans fat in these nori sheets.
  • Perfect for making sushi rolls, wraps, gimbap and other such snacks that can be made using nori.

4. GimMe Sushi Nori 

There are undoubtedly several brands offering nori sheets, but this particular brand is popular due to its highest quality organic seaweed used in its making. The brand also firmly believes in sustainability, and thus, seaweed is sustainably cultivated and harvested in South Korea. The nori sheets match the quality of the restaurant-style premium sheets. The nori sheets also have zero carbs and zero calories. 

Key features:

  • The nori sheets are made from organic roasted seaweed, and there are about fifty sheets in each packet.
  • These nori sheets are gluten-free, vegan, keto, and also a superfood.
  • One can use it in making healthy salads, sushi savory wraps, and much more.
  • The sheets come in a resealable container to store it in the refrigerator for multiple uses.
  • There are different sizes of the packet available so you can choose the one that matches your preference. 

5. Dagagam Organic Sushi Nori

The last option on this list is this pack of organic sushi nori sheets from Dagagam. The company takes pride in manufacturing the sheets in Korea with over 40 years of experience. For ensuring the quality of the nori for sushi, it comes in a double packaging to protect it from the direct sunlight. It can be an excellent alternative for vegetarians, and these nori sheets are also HALAL certified.  

Key features:

  • The seaweed used in the making of these sheets is low in fats but contains soluble fiber, which makes it a superfood.
  • It is certified by USDA, HACCP, and FSSC as the brand follows the guidelines of manufacturing products in a clean environment only.
  • The nori sheets are processed with the best materials and advanced technology for ensuring the high-quality sheets for you and your family.
  • The sheets can be used to make sushi rolls, temaki, California rolls, gimbap, and other delicacies. 

Concluding Remarks 

All the above-stated nori brands are the best ones you can get in the market. Although there are some differences in all the alternatives, most of the brand uses the seaweed harvested in South Korea, the place known for the best seaweed for sushi. And if you want to know one brand that I would recommend, then it will be the fourth alternative - GimMe nori sushi. The brand is sustainable, environment-friendly, vegan, and all the other features that make it stand out from others. Mostly all of these nori sheets are priced in the same range and are affordable. Make sure to go through the number of sheets in the package before buying the nori for sushi.


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