Can I Drink Hot Chocolate While Pregnant - Know from Experts

Pregnancy is such a wonderful time for any woman, and as the body undergoes several changes, it is quite usual to have cravings for different food and beverages. While many women crave bit sour food, others crave for a big bucket of ice cream to satiate their cravings. The major problem arises for the women who are avid coffee drinkers, as it is recommended to cut down the caffeine content in pregnancy. This is the reason why most women also ask if is it safe to drink hot chocolate while pregnant and to answer it in a word, I would say it is safe to drink hot chocolate. To find out why and the restrictions on its consumption, read this blog.

Can I Drink Hot Chocolate While Pregnant?

Caffeine Intake in Pregnancy

 Several reports and doctors suggest that the women who are expecting a child should stay away from alcohol, raw fish, raw milk and other sugary beverages. They also recommend keeping the intake of caffeine under 200 mg per day. Caffeine has been linked to affecting the sleeping pattern of the fetus and its position and hence it is necessary to watch out your caffeine intake while you are drinking anything with caffeine. People can consume up to two cups of coffee as it is under the limits and will not affect the pregnancy.

Hot Chocolate over Coffee

I would personally suggest having a cup of warm hot chocolate instead of coffee as there is much less content of caffeine in hot chocolate. As one makes hot chocolate by adding dark chocolate or any other chocolate, the content of caffeine is quite lesser than the usual cup of coffee. There is almost 12mg caffeine in a single serving of hot chocolate, which is not harmful at all. The obstetricians also suggest sticking with one serving only as one might consume other beverages with caffeine in it—so lesser the consumption, better the chances of preventing its harmful effects. 

Benefits of Drinking Hot Chocolate

  • Rich source of calcium

    As the content of milk is more in the making of hot chocolate it is beneficial for all the to-be moms. The calcium content of this beverage helps in the development of bones in the baby and also helps the moms to prevent bone loss, which is common during pregnancy.  
  • Enriched with antioxidants

    Dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants and many studies have shown that consuming dark chocolate is beneficial for the heart. These antioxidants help in fighting the free radicals that can occur due to environmental factors or exposure.
    Apart from all its benefits, consuming chocolate also helps in releasing the mood elevator hormones, which can make the expecting moms feel better. As chocolates can satiate the sweet tooth cravings and also help in improving the mood, girls on periods and pregnant women often opt for having chocolates.  
  • Careful about the consumption

    The body of a pregnant woman goes under several changes and during that time, it is always better to eat or do something that can calm or relax you. But it should be noted that you should only have homemade hot chocolates or the ones you are making at home. The hot chocolates served in cafes or food joints can contain more sugar content and caffeine, which defeats the purpose of safeguarding ourselves from the potential harmful effects. 

Concluding Remarks 

Consumption of caffeine is a debatable topic when it comes to pregnancy, as excess consumption increases the chances of miscarriages, according to some studies. Having a cup or two of coffee and hot chocolate is safe for consumption as it is under 200mg. You can also opt for decaffeinated coffee to keep the intake under the limited amount. Even if you are a working woman or need something on-go, get some thermal bottles or containers to carry your homemade hot chocolate. Try and avoid the hot chocolates and other beverages from the cafes as it can put you to the risk of more caffeine intake. Always opt for homemade hot chocolate and enjoy it while reading a feel-good book.


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