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Can You Refrigerate Cake Batter – Guide to Store Cake Batter by Chef

The most common query among the home bakers and the beginners is that if it is okay to refrigerate the cake batter. The answer is yes, you can. But this also depends on the type of mixture you are making. A lot of times we tend to make more batter for cake then we actually need. In such cases, you can put the extra batter in the refrigerator for further use. Two types of cake batter can be kept in the fridge without affecting its texture are: One that is creaming-method batter and the other one is quick-bread batter.

Can You Refrigerate Cake Batter?

It is recommended that the batter that contains whipped egg whites are not suitable for keeping it in the refrigerator. So if you are planning to make batches of the cake batter to save time, then you can make batters sans egg whites. People who run a home bakery or small scale bakeries freeze batter for cakes and cupcakes. You can keep the batter in refrigerators for a limited time, but if you wish to keep it for a longer time, then it is ideal to go for freezing it.

Now that we know that we can store the batter in the refrigerator lets have a look at the procedure to keep the batter properly. Check out the steps for storing the cake batter in the refrigerator below:

For storing the batter, you can either use an air-tight container or a ziplock resealable bag. 

Pour the batter in the container and make sure there is half-inch space left between the lid and the batter. Leaving this much gap allows the batter to expand and contract during the freezing and thawing process.

If you are putting the batter in a ziptop bags for the freezer, make sure to get rid of the air bubbles entirely before sealing the bag. Doing this will make the packs flat, which is perfect for storing in the refrigerator.

In case you want to store it for a longer keep such packets with batter freeze them.

Defrost the batter before you start using it for a recipe. For defrosting, let the batter sit in the fridge the night before you want to bake. This step is only applicable when you have frozen the batter.

For baking, take the batter out, stir it and pour it into the baking tray. You can add two to five minutes more in baking time to ensure that it is baked properly.

So this is the procedure by which you can store the batter in the refrigerator and use it. However many bakers suggest making the batter as per the need to avoid such situations. Some people believe that a cake made with a fresh batter tastes more delicious. You can let the batter thaw at room temperature before you put it into the oven. There is just one tip to avoid adding chocolate chips to the batter that you want to freeze or keep it in the refrigerator. You can add such things later while making the cake. Now the question arises of how long can you keep the batter like that. Don’t worry; I will tell you that too.

How long does cake batter last?

A cake batter can last up to 24 hours if stored properly. Not all cake batters last for a longer time. Many bakers and pastry chefs recommend using the batters immediately. The longevity of batter depends on the expiry of milk and eggs. You can keep the batter in the refrigerator for up to two days. Make sure to keep the batter covered to avoid contamination. If you wish to store the batter for a longer time is suggested to freeze it. However, storing for a much longer time is not recommended.

Apart from cake batters, you can also keep the batters for cupcakes in the refrigerator. You can also store cookie dough in the fridge too. The trick is to store the mixture properly while putting it into the refrigerator. I hope this article helps in knowing all the required information about storing the cake batters. Happy Baking!

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