Coconut Coffee Cacafe Reviews - Is it Help you to Lose Weight?

I usually pull up all-nighters to write up my articles, eventually turning me into a coffee lover. And the benefits it has to give you - from improved energy to burning fat and reducing the risk of ailments such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, make it my regular drink. And that is how I happened to land on the CaCafe website and bought their Coconut coffee series. And I found out that many unanswered questions around this series are rounding up the web. Thus here is my review on the same; read before you buy!

Coconut Coffee Cacafe Reviews

Before you know my take on the Cacafe Coconut series, learn more about the brand. Coconut and Coffee is something that you will only find in Cacafe, taking a simple coffee to a whole new level of health and taste. The credit to this brilliant idea goes to an American physician who found cacafe. As the pack itself says, all you get inside the box of coconut cacafe beverages is 100% natural coconut and ground coffee from the yards of Columbia. 

Moving on, their website features 18 products under the series of coconut coffee and tea. One they have is Coconut Coffee that comes in a tin or a box of 6 packs. Another option for coffee they have is the Unsweetened one, which can be brought in a container or a box of 6. I got the regular one. 

They use all-natural ingredients in their drinks or well as they say they do. One pack comprises of:

Apart from that, they add no preservatives or artificial flavors. Also, it is gluten-free.  

What do I know about Coconut Coffee Cacafe? Is it worth it?

  • The taste surpasses all the traditional flavors I have had until now. It’s ten by 10 for me. Also, it smells great, and I bet you do not get addicted to it! 
  •  They have used cane sugar which means it’s completely natural, plus coconut makes it a super drink for the day.
  • If you are looking to add more of that protein intake right in the morning, then this is the cup of your coffee! It is high in protein which is a healthy way to kickstart lazy mornings.
  • There has been an incredible gush in my adrenaline, making me feel more energized straight up in the morning.
  • For my lazy chum- this one recipe is super easy to make- mix the powder with water and milk, and you are ready!
  • Pamper your taste buds - as you can indulge in Cacafe with cold or hot water, both of them have a whole new flavor, which you will love. 


1) Do they have caffeine?

No! There is zero presence of caffeine in Cacafe coconut coffee. 

2) How many calories does it come with?

A serving of 6.01 fl oz consists of 1.8 calories. 

3) Is coconut coffee healthy?

Of course! A cup of it boosts your energy levels, while coconut speeds up your metabolism. Together they make this drink no less than a healthy yet super drink.  

Other benefits that I personally felt after adding Cacafe to my routine were as follows:

  • Weight loss
  • High on energy
  • An alert mind
  • A happy digestive system 

Now that you have reached the end of my review, I believe that the next thing you are doing is grab a Cacafe Coconut coffee! If you do, then let me know in the comments about your experience with it. Check out more such fascinating articles on food and drinks on my website. 


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