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How to Cook Petite Sirloin Steak in a Pan

Welcome to our blog which is all related to food and cooking. We always got something different for you and also today we come with the new recipe. We always try to provide you the method of the best and easy recipe that you can quickly obtain and afford. With this new article, we have a new recipe for all of our readers and which is about petite sirloin. We noticed that some people struggle with the cooking of petite sirloin and then they ask Google that how to cook petite.

So, guys, if you are looking for the same recipe then you are on right place. Here, below in this article, we are going to mention the recipe for petite sirloin steak which you are going to like. So, friends, if you want to impress your friends, family or relative by serving them petite sirloin then you should look on this below recipe.

Petite Sirloin Steak Recipe

As we mention above that we always try to provide you a beautiful and affordable dish, so same in this recipe you don’t have to spend enough penny to cook a tasty steak dinner. In the non-veg market, among all the meats petite sirloin steaks are less expensive than many other, but still, it has better taste than other.

Must keep your eye on the when you’re frying the steak on the pan; otherwise, overcooked petite sirloin will being chewy and tough. The process of making petite sirloin steak is not tough so just you need to do is screaming some seasoning.


  • The first step in this process is do seasoning of steak with some kosher salt for minimum 40 minutes. 40 Minutes is the enough amount of time of seasoning in which salt make its job of tearing some of the tissues of meat’s muscle.
  • The second step in this process is taking out your petite sirloin steak from the refrigerator before 30 minutes of cooking and keep it at the room temperature. Now make it dry by patting it with paper towels. Keep in mind that too much moisture on the sirloin steaks surface won’t sear it properly.
  • Then the third step is, start rubbing some olive oil or other cooking oil, on the both sides of petite sirloin before seasoning it.
  • Now, heat your vessel to medium high temperature. And remember that you must use stainless steel onto the gas burner. Also remember that not to use any nonstick pan, and don’t allow a pan to get hot enough because you should not to sear the steak at the high temperature. When you feel hot layer above the surface of the pan, then add some cooking oil to the pan.
  • Now put petite sirloin steak on pan and then leave it for two to three minutes and then flip it to another side. Then also leave another side of petite sirloin steak for another two to three minutes and before take it out from the pan put it on cutting board.
  • Now at the end, roles the sirloin steak with foil paper and leave it for minimum 10 minutes, it helps to have some juicy flavor.

Final Verdict

So, guys, here we are done with the recipe of petite sirloin hope you liked this above article. We mentioned all the necessary steps of the process of cooking the steak. If you want a juicy and delicious sirloin steak then must try all these steps it will help you to cook better. In the ending, we like to say that for knowing about other famous recipe visit our homepage and for any question comment below.

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