How to Keep Chocolate from Melting Outside? Best Ways Explained

One survey of the world’s biggest chocolate consumers have stated that an average American consumes about 9.5 lbs of chocolate per year, and citizens of UK eat about 16.3 lbs chocolates. Switzerland and Germany are leading in the consumption of chocolates with 19.8 lbs and 17.4 lbs respectively. These figures prove that chocolates are one of the most popular dessert ingredients around the world.

How to Keep Chocolate from Melting Outside?

On the internet, you can get a lot of recipes of chocolate and also many tips and tricks to make chocolate, to store chocolate, to melt chocolate, or even to keep it hard. Just like that, you can get some ideas of how to keep the chocolate from melting outside in this article. We all have experienced that it becomes so tough to save our precious chocolates when there is no electricity in the house, or our refrigerator breaks down. So keep calm and read further to learn how to prevent chocolates from turning into liquid.

Method 1: Darker the Better

Storing chocolates in the dark place is the key. Here, dark place means the areas which are away from any excess heat and out of sunlight. The reason to keep the chocolates away from sunlight or even the artificial life as it creates heat and heat is the primary reason to melt chocolates. Do not cover them in too many layers as it may also cause heat and melt them.

Method 2: Game of Degrees

Studies have shown that chocolates start melting between 75 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it is preferable to keep the temperature as low as possible and humidity less than 55%. The ideal temperature to store chocolate is between 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in some hot area, always put your chocolate in cupboards or cabinets to protect the chocolates from humid air.

Method 3: Sealing for Healing

If you don’t want that your chocolate picks up the smell of surroundings, then store it in an air-tight container. Oxygen oxidizes chocolate which may develop some unwanted flavors. So, seal it properly and avoid mixing any unwanted odor or tastes to your delicious chocolates.

Method 4: Icing on the Chocolate

You can also use ice cubes if you want to stop melting chocolates for a shorter period. Even if there is no electricity, ice cubes will take some time to melt. You can utilize that time to preserve chocolate by putting some ice packs on it. This method will help you to keep your chocolates cool and away from the heat. Keep changing the ice packs to preserve chocolates for a more extended period.

Method 5: Try Wine Coolers

To invest in wine cooler is quite a big decision because of its cost. It is an expensive option but helps in controlling the temperature at its best. Most of the coolers provide temperature adjustments. So if you make significant quantity chocolates for business at home or small workshop, you can try wine coolers by which you can get the required 60 - 65 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. You can also store wine and chocolates together.

Best Way to Store Chocolate

If you want to store chocolate for more than six months or a year, then the freezer is your best friend my friend. The correct way of saving chocolates is to take an airtight container and put chocolates in it after wrapping them tightly. Wrapping protects the chocolates against odors and condensation. First of all, put chocolates in the refrigerator and shift it to the freezer after 24 hours. This procedure helps the chocolates to maintain their texture by avoiding sudden temperature changes.

Even if you want to take the chocolates out, just reverse the whole process and shift the chocolates from freezer to refrigerator for a day or two and then take out the container. After taking them out, wait for sometime so that the chocolates can come to room temperature. Once they are all set, unwrap them gently and eat it or use it for your recipes. Summers are hot, so don’t risk your chocolates and take help of refrigerator. But, whenever you observe any white spots or small boils on the chocolate, just trash it out as it indicates that the chocolate has been expired

Safe Time of Storing Various Chocolates

  • Cocoa Powder: Three Years
  • Solid Dark Chocolates: Two Years
  • Solid Milk Chocolates: Over a Year
  • White Chocolates: Four Months
  • Filled Chocolates: Three Months

Note: Generally, the expiry date of cocoa powder does not come too soon. We can keep it for a longer period if we keep few things in mind like; we should never keep it in the fridge! Any type of moisture is terrible for the powder form. Also, we must not take the cocoa powder with some wet spoon otherwise the water drops will make it thick.

So, these are few methods to keep chocolates from melting outside and the best way to store the chocolates in summers or for the more extended period. I hope you have found this article useful. At last, I want to tell you that I eat fresh chocolates only, that too, stored in the room temperature. Professionals suggest that truffles, as they are filled with chocolates, they should be eaten at the room temperature.


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