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How to Thicken up Chili – Try these Methods

There are several ways to thicken chili. If there is too much liquid in your chili, then I can provide you with some methods that can make your chili thicken. By applying these methods, the flavor will be altered to some extent. You will not observe any intense difference. If you don’t want to thicken the whole chili, then you can thicken the individual servings of chili. Now I would like to discuss the methods of how to thicken chili with you.

  • Flour as a Thickener- You can use flour to thicken chili.Include a slurry that is produced by using cool water.Now in the different bowl blend the flour and water, and then add the flour blend to the chili dish and cook it. Flour is the flavorless thickener so you have to add other flavors to the dish to enhance the taste.
  • Cornstarch as a thickener– Beat the cornstarch and water together and then now blend the cornstarch slurry into the warm chili dish and warmth it. If it is not thickened properly then you can include more slurry. After it gets thickens then cook it for 2 minutes more so the cornstarch is separated.
  • Cornmeal as a thickener-You can add cornmeal which is a substitute for masa harina or masa harina approx. 2-3 tbsp. to thicken the fluid. Masa harina will absorb extra water from the dish. Masa harina is ground straight from dried hominy so it will have a robust flavor.
  • An arrowroot as a thickener- You can independently blend the water and arrowroot in the bowl. The Little amount of arrowroot is required as it is flavorless and strong. It will add gleam to the presence of chili dish fluid.
  • An emulsifier to thicken chili– Add a teaspoon of emulsifier for a little pot and for bigger pot a tablespoon. The fat will be scattered by emulsifier all through the chili dish.
  • A Tomato Paste– You can blend 6 –oz jar of tomato paste into the dish. After adding it blend it well.
  • Use Beans-If the dish contains beans then crush them in a blender. In the dish place the beans back and cook it for few minutes. Then include home-cooked beans and don’t crush it to give the thicker appearance to your chili dish.
  • Uncooked Noodles-Uncooked noodles can also be added to sewing chili dish to take up fluid. Then stew for 10 to 15 minutes and check the noodles until they are firm.


All the above methods will help you in thickening chili powder. You can save your chili dish by applying these methods. I would like to share some of the other techniques like you can utilize diced peppers to add more warmth to the chili dish. You can also blend in powdered and dried onion and stew it to retain water. You can also use the potato masher and even can add tortillas. Everybody prefers thick and hearty chili so all these tips and methods will definitely give preference to your choice.

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