Insignia Refrigerator Reviews - Check These Reviews Before Buying It

Adding up appliances simply to your homes with no fact-finding about various brands is a waste of money. It is better to know your goals, budget and preferences before jumping to any conclusions. So if you landed up here looking for affordable refrigerators with decent appearance and maximum potential, then we have the right pick for you.

Insignia Refrigerator Reviews

Insignia - though not a familiar name to our ears, you will be surprised to know that it is a product of the Haier company. While the company “Best Buy” manufactures its refrigerators. The refrigerator that tops our list of Insignia Refrigerators is Insignia - 18 Cu. Ft. Top Mount Refrigerator - Stainless steel. While I was hunting for the finest addition for my kitchen, well of course at a tight budget. That is when I landed upon this brand, and it has been the best decision ever! So here is my piece of experience with Insignia Refrigerator.   

Insignia Review: 

First of all, Insignia - 18 CU is stainless, making it durable and resistant to fire and heat. Also, it's much easier to clean the fridge when the kids mess it up. Just a cloth and a glass cleaner, that's all you need! 

I live with my nuclear family of 4, with a small-sized kitchen that can easily accommodate the 18 CU. In fact, this model is specially designed for smaller apartments with not so capacious rooms. However, the best part about Insignia is that it gives you a labelled look that makes you stand out from the regular refrigerators. 

I am a working mother, so my fridge will inevitably remain full all the time. I needed a spacious fridge wherein I could store ample food for the whole week. And insignia refrigerators have these adjustable shelves that you can customise in your own way. 

Trust me when I say this, you all need to buy a top-mount refrigerator. Mine has worked perfectly by keeping moisture out and freshness in! A top mount will assure your freezer to be separate from the fridge, which also keeps it out of children's reach. Other than these features, Insignia also has adjustable and spill safe glass shelves on the side doors and extra space for eggs and milk. Bid adios to rotten fruits and vegetables as the renowned crisper drawer in it is the feature that we all deserve all this time.  

Let's Talk About Specifications:

Total Capacity 18.1 cubic feet
Refrigerator Capacity 14 cubic feet
Freezer Capacity 4.1 cubic feet
Height 66.6 inches
Width 29.5 inches
Depth 30 4/43 inches
Weight 172 pounds

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What Refrigerator Brand is Most Reliable?

I highly recommend you Insignia, and my factors are pretty simple & real:

  1. Cost-effective; and inexpensive 
  2. Insignia designs a good range of sizes
  3. Adds an aesthetic look to your spaces
  4. They are highly energy efficient
  5. No more buzzing motors

Overall, my experience has been supremely great! And of course, you know that by now. So if at all you are juggling between brands, you must explore this unexplored brand. Trust me; all your friends are going to have their eyes set on that Insignia refrigerator of yours. Have you read my review blog on Fisher & Paykel yet? If not, then do check it out as well; that is one other gem of a brand still unknown by many!  


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