Is Cotton Candy Vegan? - Read On To Know!

Not a long time back that I have turned into a vegan but my love for sweets has never been different. Though there is a range of vegan sweet options to indulge in, cotton candy is something that one never forgets. Candy floss or fairy floss as kids call it in the US. I am sure that most of us relate our childhood with cotton candy too much. For me, it sure was; I used to run around in the fair with this fluffy stuff in my hand as if it were a fairy’s wand. My favourite was the raspberry pink. As I said earlier, turning to veganism has not stopped me from savouring over sweets of course with vegan ingredients, I was looking for cotton candy but vegan! And here’s what I found. 

 Is Cotton Candy Vegan?

The key ingredients used to make cotton candy are pretty simple. Just the 2 things:

  1. Confectioners sugar(a blend of refined sugar and cornstarch) 
  2. Food Colours (in small amounts)

Now if you ask me if cotton candy is vegan then allow me to ask you a counter-question - Is the sugar used in it vegan? For the ones who do not know the regular sugar is derived from sugar cane and goes under processing with bone char. As the name says, bone char is a granular component that is produced by charring or burning of animal bones in simpler words. So if you are buying a floss candy next time, you will have to ask the confectioner whether they used regular sugar or otherwise to make it.  


But all my vegan friends needn’t worry as there is a way to everything. So as to fulfil my cravings I have tried my secret recipe of vegan cotton candy with ingredients that you will get easily from the supermarket. Let me know in the comments below if you would love to know the recipe as well, and I will post an article on the same.


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