Is Sour Cream Gluten-Free? - Know the Real Truth

Is there anything that creams cannot make tastier? Baked foods, chips, tacos. I am habituated to adding a spoon of it to everything. But do you also wonder, like many of us, Is sour cream gluten-free? 

Yeah! I had the same question today morning, standing in the supermarket aisle to grab my monthly groceries. Though the bottle labeled it as “100% gluten-free”, was it really?

Now you may catechize me, saying that “Food labels don’t lie!”. Of course, they don’t, but we never know how gluten can slide into our tables. So before just picking away the food packet or the can, why not do a bit of study on what exactly goes into making the ingredients of your favorite food! 

Is sour cream gluten-free? - What is it made of?

Hailing from the family of dairy products. It is a tangy, creamy, edible, tart substance. Savor it as a dipping with baked nachos, or mix it in your favorite garlic soup. 

Made out of an effortless recipe - it is nothing but milk, sometimes buttermilk, heavy cream, and a pinch of overnight patience. Usually, the brands use certain additives and artificial thickeners to increase their shelf life. Thus making sour cream a completely gluten-free food.

Can you make homemade gluten-free sour cream?

However, if you still do not confer with any sources, then making it at home seems a likely idea. Above all, it is easy to make, needs minimal ingredients, and is super affordable! And the best part is that you can eat this homemade gluten-free sour cream completely guilt-free! 


That edible sour item does not stale off easily. If you store it unopened in your refrigerator, then it can go on for a month or so, but there are chances that if you leave the jar open with a used spoon in it, then it might spoil the sour cream wholly within a week or two. 

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