Tempered vs Untempered Chocolate - Start Making It

Lots of people are fond of chocolates and could not resist eating the chocolate in any form whether tempered or untempered form. Some people prefer tempered chocolates which deliver solid finish and sleek appearance while few like better-untempered chocolate that melts easily. You can use either tempered or untempered chocolate for the products like dairy or flour because the structure of the chocolate fat crystals will not be controlled. Both tempered and untempered chocolates serve different purposes as both vary. You can choose any chocolates among tempered vs. untempered chocolate by your choice and taste. Here in this article, I will make you aware about the tempered vs. untempered chocolate so that you learn the characteristics of both the types of chocolates.

Tempered Chocolate

When even look, and quality is given to solid chocolate that can be stored at room temperature and possess long shelf life. The users enjoy tempered chocolate as; generally, it is commercially available in the market. It involves three phases – heating, cooling and crystallizing and reheating. So by heating and cooling it, you can change its structure.

Untempered Chocolate

You can’t pick up untampered chocolate as it melts easily in your hands. But in your mouth, it will provide you the strong flavor. It is preferred more in designing the confection.

Characteristics of tempered and untempered chocolate

Tempered Untempered
Appearance is shiny and smooth. Reflects dull spotty look.
Sets at room temperature. Melts easily.
Provides smooth mouth feel. Delivers soft and chalky mouth feel.
On biting you will observe snap. Enjoys white strips known as bloom.
Possess longer shelf life. Shorter life span.
On using molds it gets released. Hard to remove from molds.


Which chocolate is preferable – Tempered or Untempered?

People consume chocolate by their like. No doubt tempered chocolates looks better than untempered due to their polish finish. In tempered chocolate, you will get the final product in the form of solid chocolate. In the room temperature, they will sit in the form of candies like chocolate bars, bonbons and much more. But remember one thing that you can’t get back chocolate in tempered form once you melt it. On melting it loses its shape and become untempered. Tempered chocolate is preferred over the untempered chocolate, and most of the time you will find it commercially. Whatever chocolate you choose depends on your preference. It is up to you to decide whether you like chocolate in melted form or proper shape. It also depends for which purpose you are making use of chocolate. If tasting professionals test the chocolatiers, then they go for untampered chocolate.

  • In cookies, brownies, cakes, and ice creams, both tempered and untempered chocolate is used.  
  • Some people dislike untampered chocolate as it melts in their hands that result in stickiness. So for good impression, you opt tempered chocolate.
  • You will get the taste of crispiness when you have tempered chocolate in your mouth.
  • If you desire your dipped chocolate to be smooth, lustrous and uniform colored coating then tempered chocolate will be the best choice for you.

Be sure that if you are planning to bake or consume chocolate instantly then don’t temper your chocolate. For making candies and over dipped items, the tempered chocolate will serve you better. From this post, all the chocolate lovers will gain immense knowledge which will guide you all properly in picking the appropriate form of chocolate – tempered or untempered.


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