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Top 5 Substitute for Oyster Sauce

Oyster sauce is the mixture of sweet and salt that adds flavor to various Chinese and Thai dishes. It is fermented and pungent soft mixture. To save time and money most of them are made with shortcuts. Many time it is not available all so the oyster sauce substitute can be used. Even there is the choice of homemade oyster sauce in which you will not enjoy the delicious taste of the commercial oyster. The people who don’t have time to visit the store or in favor of avoiding preservative then homemade oyster sauce can serve as the good alternative. To prepare homemade oyster sauce you need granulated sugar, canned oysters’ liquid, and soy sauce.

The ingredients of oyster sauce substitute include fish sauce, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, mushroom sauce and mushroom soy sauce. The vegetarian oyster sauce is the standard sauce but it does not have oysters. If you are non-vegetarian, then you can go for fish sauce. Now I will discuss the top five substitute for the oyster sauce so that you will gain more knowledge about the substitute for oyster sauce.

1. Fish Sauce

Its texture resembles the original sauce. Now I will discuss fish sauce so that you can understand oyster sauce vs fish sauce.In the fish sauce, sauce so that you can understand oyster sauce vs fish sauce.In the fish sauce, dried or raw fish is used to make it. The Wooden box is used to ferment the fish. It is pressed to produce fishy liquid. In many dishes and sauces, fish sauce is used.

2. Hoisin Sauce

It is used in seafood dishes. It forms the thick glaze that is found On Perking duck so it is known as the Perking duck. Hoisin is the Cantonese word that  means seafood. In actual it does not contain any seafood.

3. Mushroom Sauce 

It is the substitute for oyster sauce. In terms of color and flavor,it is treated as best substitute. The other name is the vegetarian oyster sauce. Multiple types of mushrooms and vegetable proteins are used to make it. By consuming it you will enjoy the similar consistency to oyster sauce.

4. Soy Sauce

It gives you salty taste and dark brown color. For vegans and vegetarians, it is a good substitute. You have to add half teaspoon sugar for every tablespoon soy sauce so that the flavor of the oyster sauce is matched perfectly.

5. Mushroom Soy Sauce 

Both soy sauce and mushroom sauce are used to make mushroom soy sauce. It will give you the flavor of deep mushroom and slightly sweet taste. It produces the rich flavor of the mushroom sauce. Fermented mushrooms and soybeans are used to make it. You will enjoy the thickness of soy sauce.


Oyster sauce contains oyster extracts and the salty and sweet taste is properly balanced. Sometimes anyone can face the problem of unavailability or unaffordability so people depend on the substitutes of oyster sauce that provide flavor to you. There are many varieties of oyster sauce substitute that I have already discussed with you. Both vegetarian and no- vegetarian people have their choices in accordance with their requirements as the oyster sauce substitute is available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian form.

In many Asian dishes, it is an important ingredient. In absence of substitute for oyster sauce, the meals become dull. Its presence adds taste and flavor to the dishes. Nowadays you will find that multiple preservatives and artificial flavorings are used in oyster sauces. You can use mushroom oyster sauce which tastes like oysters. You can keep oyster sauce substitute in the plastic container or airtight glass and can keep it in the fridge so that they can be used for more than a week The vegetarian oyster sauce is the same as the standard oyster sauce. You can choose oyster sauce substitute according to your requirement.

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