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Top 5 Sriracha Sauce Substitutes – Spicy Alternatives

Sriracha sauce – which is also known as ‘Rooster sauce’ – is a bright red hot sauce. The combination of red chili peppers, garlic, a pinch of salt, sugar and a certain amount of vinegar can make Sriracha.

Sriracha Sauce – Facts

  • It tastes tangy.
  • The unique thing about this delicious item is that even it is spicy, it gives a hint of sweetness.
  • It is mainly used by Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese food makers.
  • You can use Sriracha sauce with the soups/stews, meats or with the eggs and cheese. You can also use it directly as a dip.

As it is mainly available in the United States and hard to find in the other areas, it is necessary to find the sriracha substitute. In this article, you will find some of the best substitute sauces which have similar tangy and sweet taste just as Sriracha sauce. Here we go…

1) Sambal Oelek

oelekSambal Oelek’s producer is Huy Fong Foods. It is the same manufacturer which makes Sriracha sauce. Sambal is Indonesian sauce. It is a crushed chili paste which is thick and tasty. You can use it with a bowl full of rice, stew, chicken, etc. It has more than 300 varieties. It includes onion and garlic, basil, shallot, and a pinch of sugar, lime, and ginger.

2) Piri Piri

Piri PiriPiri Piri or the Peri Peri sauce is a Portuguese hot sauce. It makes the best pair when taken with the seafood. You can also use it with the pizza, different types of bread, or chicken. It is also called like ‘pili pili’ in some areas of Africa. Piri Piri involves blended pepper, black pepper, oregano, garlic, onion, and basil. You can consider Piri Piri as the best substitute for Sriracha sauce.

3) Yuzukosho

YuzukoshoThis sauce was initially popular in Japan. Nowadays, it is widely spread. You can use this hot sauce with your Sushi, meat, or with your veggies. Yuzukosho’s main ingredients are chili peppers, salt, and peels of the citrus plant named Yuzu. It looks either green or orange, as the color is depending upon the pepper types.

4) Tapatio Salsa Picante

Tapatio Salsa PicanteTapatio is a bit spicier than Sriracha, but its zesty, tasty sauce will blow your mind. It is produced in California and available easily in the supermarket, pharmacies or even some of the liquor shops in the USA. The ingredients are; red pepper, salt, garlic, and some spices. People of United States consider Tapatio as the best Sriracha substitute sauce.

5) Tabasco

TabascoThe company McIlhenny of Tabasco sauce was founded in 1868 – 149 years ago!!! It is an American product, but the name comes from the Mexican state. There are several varieties of Tabasco, but the hottest one is ‘The Habanero,’ and the mildest one is the green pepper (i.e. Jalapeno) sauce with the sweet and spicy test.

As per our research, these are the top 5 substitutes for Sriracha sauce. But if you want to add one more substitute in the list, you can also try ‘Home-made Sriracha Sauce.’ Making Sriracha sauce at home is an easy and quick task. It will save a lot of bucks!

We hope this article is the last thing you are reading before going to the shop! Go to the supermarket and try every sauce mentioned above!

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  1. this was very informative as I am not familiar with sriracha sauce. I am a Multiple Sclerosis patient with no ability to cook, unable to use my right hand or arm, so all the cooking in the house is now up to my husband. Because he now has to do EVERYTHING in the house, I still can make up the menus, but I try to find interesting ones that are EASY and take just a bit of his time. I came across some fish/seafood recipes that call for this sauce so I needed to know if there was a substitute he could use. Thank you for helping me out. He can use Tabasco sauce as we have it on hand, and does not require a purchase for our limited use. Thanks again

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