Are Mason Jars Airtight - Know More about Mason Jars

Jars are an irreplaceable commodity from my kitchen. Keeping your food unspoiled & fresh for a longer time can never get easier without jars. I make my prep meals on weekends and store them in jars, so these little jars are a saviour to me! From dry to wet, one can store everything in it so quickly. I am a fan of Mason jars personally, for reasons such as:

Are Mason Jars Airtight

  • They are compact in design 
  • They come in transparent glass, which makes them see-through.
  • Easy to organize and easy to use.
  • It prevents your dried food items from getting soggy.

One such feature that Mason jars claim to have is airtight lids but Are Mason Jars Airtight? Find the truth here!

Buying an airtight container is a wise idea as it will keep your food items fresher, crunchy, clean and prevent flour mites. Airtight jars come with a flexible rubber ring around the inner part of the lid. This keeps the rim of the lid held tightly to the ajr, thus making it airtight.  

But How Can One know If The Mason Jar is Airtight Or Not?

It’s really simple, take the closed jar on the platform and press firmly the lid on the centre with your finger. If the jar lid is properly sealed, then it will not pop up. So yes, I have tested this on my mason jars, and I am pretty much happy that they are indeed airtight. The best part is that I also found out that mason jars are leak proof as well. So if you were wondering about adding more containers to your shelf, then Mason Jars it is! 

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