Can You Vacuum Seal Liquid - Know About Vacuum Sealer for Liquids

Preserving food has become quite more essential and is often considered as a task. If it's solid food items, it is still comparatively easy. But what if it is liquid that you have to store? When you think of liquid storage, you always imagine a lot of mess as there are chances that it might lead to leakage. Even when you are successful in packing it for preservation, you must be very careful with it. Because if you don't handle it with care, you might mess things up in a literal sense.

Can You Vacuum Seal Liquid?

Vacuum sealing is one such trending method of preservation of food. It is a growing phenomenon used for healthy and quick eating. Vacuum sealing is a packing method in which there is no air left in the package. The primary purpose behind vacuum sealing is to refrain the aerobic bacteria or fungi from growing and limiting the evaporation of volatile liquids. 

Again, with solid food products or eatables, it's quite simple. But can you vacuum seal liquids? The answer to this dilemma is YES. With the advancement in technology, you can absolutely vacuum-seal liquid. Vacuum sealing liquids allows it to be fresh and usable for a longer period. It saves your time, money, and efforts in preparing the liquid now and then. It increases the shelf life of food products. 

Conventional Storage vs. Vacuum Sealing Storage

Before vacuum sealing came into existence, people generally preferred the conventional way of storage for liquids. The traditional way included preparing the liquid food and storing it in the refrigerator for some time. The liquid was used until it got spoiled naturally. It did help in storage but for a specified period. With the advent of vacuum sealing, a significant upgrade took place for the preservation of food. The stuff that stayed in the freezer for days can now be stored for months. 

Now that you know it is possible, the very next question that strikes your thoughts is, 'How to vacuum seal liquids?' There are some methods used in the vacuum packaging of liquids depending on the equipment you use. They are as follows: 

1. The Vacuum Chamber

If you are ready to spare some money behind a good vacuum sealer, vacuum chamber sealer is the best choice. It brings equilibrium inside the package, where the liquid is stored with the temperature outside in the chamber. This will prevent the liquid from spilling off the package. Coolin down liquid is necessary before going for this method. 

2. The Feezing Method

If you don't have a vacuum chamber, don't worry. You can vacuum seal liquid with other vacuum sealers as well. It just needs some extra prep, which is not so difficult to do. Fill in the vacuum sealer bag and place it upright in your freezer. Let it freeze, and then you can quickly seal it up just like you would do it with other food items such as dry fruits. 

3. The Ice Cube Method

This method is quite simple. All you have to do is pour out the liquid into an ice tray. Please wait for it to get frozen. Once it is done, pop out the cubes from the tray and put them in vacuum-sealed bags. You can vacuum seal it in the way you generally do. This method works with any vacuum sealer and creates no mess.

4. Paper Towel or Liquid Blockers Method

You can use a paper towel strip. Fold it until you get the thin strip. Place it in the vacuum bag. Use it as a liquid dam. If you start vacuum sealing, keeping it at a lower end, the vacuum sealer will not be able to suck the liquid out of the bag. It works with all the vacuum sealers and is not pre-prep required. If you do not wish to experiment, you can get liquid blockers. They function in the same way as the paper towel does. IT refrains the sealer from sucking out the liquid when the air is being pulled out of the bag. 

5. The Gravity Method

Take the help of a friend as you will need it. Take the liquid-filled vacuum bag and hold it to the edge of the countertop. Vacuum seals it as you would typically do. In this method, the liquid is settled towards the bottom and does not go near the opening. Why two people? One to hold the bag and manage it and the other to seal it. If not coordinated properly, you might end up in a mess. 


Reading so far, you know that it is possible to vacuum seal bags and is really needed. It is beneficial not only for household work but also if you have a catering business or if you run a restaurant. Now that you know various ways of vacuum sealing liquids, start doing it for yourself to save time, energy, and a lot of mess when you need the liquid. We hope we have helped you.


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