Food saver® 4980 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System Reviewed and Compared

Most of the times food gets wasted in the gatherings and parties, especially in the BBQ party; as a result, leftover foods are thrown in the garbage which is the sheer wastage. Don’t you think it should be stored in a hygienic way? For that, you need storage tool so that you can consume the unused food in future whenever you feel hungry. So employ the technique to save your food from wastage.

Foodsaver 4980 Review

The Foodsaver automatic vacuum sealing system is the useful method through which you can keep your food for the longest time. Here I will introduce FoodSaver 4980 2-in one vacuum sealing system  that will keep your food fresh five times longer. If you preserve food with the help of food vacuum sealer, then your food will remain nutritive, fresh and full of taste.

Your food will not get freezer burns due to the secure and airtight seal that will make your sealing bags free from air. You can clean the removable safe drip tray and can store the bags in roll storage. It has the handheld sealer, a canister, and a mode for marination. You can even seal the soft food by making use of air removal system.

Let’s discuss the features in detail to have the profound info about this amazing vacuum sealing system.

Features of Foodsaver 4980

To prevent freezer burns to your stored food, it features a secure airtight seal. From specially designed bags, the airtight heat seal sucks out the air to ensure security.

It is easy to use as near the vacuum sealers mouth just needed to place the bag on the opening and machine will start sealing. Any Foodsaver bag or containers is sealed by the device.

  1. You can customize your bags with an in-built roll storage. As per the quantity of your food you can cut the bag with the help of the built in bag cutter.
  2. It uses two speeds for dry or moist food. For a longer time, the food is preserved as before sealing it sucks out the air from the bag.
  3. It is dishwasher safe, so it provides easy cleaning. From the sealing process, it catches all the spillages due to patented removable drip tray.
  4. Without crushing, it can seal delicate foods by adjusting pulse vac to start and stop so that air removal can be controlled.
  5. Double reinforced is featured in vacuum airtight zipper bag that keeps the air out.
  6. Your food is marinated with the help of Rapid marinate mode. In few minutes, it can marinate food like meat, poultry, and beef.
  7. It devises an easy to use intuitive control panel.

After discussing the features of Foodsaver 4980, let’s throw light on Pros and Cons –


  • Has very expedient roll bag storage.
  • An easy to clean removable tray.
  • Automatically seals the bags by detecting it.
  • Vacuuming and sealing process is speedy.

As every aspect has two sides so after pros, let’s have a glance on


  • It overheats at times.

How to make use of Foodsaver 4980?

Into the vacuum channel, place the open end of your sealing bag that is microwaveable. While cooking, let air in by cutting a corner from each of them. It will smoothly customize the bag with the help of the inbuilt cutter. The two options moist or dry adjust mechanically to suit the food type. Pulsevac feature is used to seal delicate food such as vegetable and fruits.

What are the evaluations of Foodsaver 4980?

If you compare the products of Foodsaver, then you will come to know that Foodsaver 4980 is the well-known machine due to its best quality and services. It is the great kitchen appliance that is worth of the value.

It not only vacuums but seals too, so it performs two in one functions. You don’t have to make efforts to use it as it is automatic. The freshness of food is maintained due to airtight and secure seal. The highly appreciated features are pulse vac and control panel. It is the remarkable product that offers exceptional services.


1) How many batches can this sealing system seal repetitively without overheating?

You can seal atleast 10 consecutive seals in one go.

2) Is there any starter kit with this system?

Yes this product includes a starte kit that includes 11”*10’ heat seal roll, heat seal bags, five 1 quart vacuum zipper bags, and four 1 gallons of vacuum zipper bags. 

3) Is this vacuum sealing pack compatible with other brands?

Yes it is compatible with but make sure it will not work with any ordinary glad or ziplock pressure bags. 

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