Best Baguette Pan - Top Baking Pans For Your Kitchen

A baguette is a long, thin piece of french bread. It is a bread type that is usually 65cm, and sometimes, 1m long. It is something that goes with anything. You can have it either with tea, coffee, or plain milk. You can find it in any bakery around the world because of its high demand. The best part is that you can even make it in your kitchen without putting much effort. You just have to find the top baguette pan and a first-class oven to bake your baguette perfectly. This article will give you some great options for top baking pans for your kitchen. Let’s find out. 

Best Baguette Pan

1. USA Pan’s French Baguette Bread Pan

USA Pan is a family venture that manufactures high-quality bakeware. This baguette pan is made from highly conductive aluminum. It can provide a thin but crispy crust to your bread, without compromising the center. With the help of USA Pan’s French Baguette Bread Pan, you can quickly get a slightly chewy center. 

Key Features and Specification

  • This pan-set is coated with Americoat. It is a type of silicone that is PTFE, PFOA, and BPA free. The pans are non-stick.
  • USA Pan’s French Baguette Bread Pan features aluminum construction for superior conductivity.
  • The pan helps in keeping the center of baguette bread chewy, which works great for any bruschetta or sub sandwiches.
  • The box includes three well-perforated french loaf pan that is 16 inches long. The perforated design helps in even heat circulation, fast baking, and crispy crust.
  • The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

2. Chicago Metallic Perforated Baguette Pan

Are you a hardcore lover of crisp golden brown bread? Then just try Chicago Metallic Perforated Baguette Pan once. After using this product, you may never shift to another one. You can bake two loaves at a time effortlessly.  

Key Features and Specification

  • The pan is designed in a way that the air can circulate freely around the dough and create a crispy, golden-brown crust.
  • It is made from heavy-weight aluminized steel and is famous for its superior heat conduction and even baking. 
  • You can clean or wash the pans easily. It is dishwasher safe, but hand-washing is recommended to extend its life. 
  • This 16 inches long and 8 inches wide pan is a fantastic loaf pan for rolls and wide baguettes. It has a non-stick dual coating.
  • You can also use it for your daily baking. A lifetime warranty backs the Commercial II bakeware. The company also gives assurance that the product will never get any material or craft defects under regular use.

3. Mrs. Anderson's Double Baguette Pan

Mrs. Anderson’s Double Baguette Pan is professional and nonstick bakeware. It can bake two crispy and chewy baguette at the same time. You will never get any baking mess or sticky surface if you use this product. It is easy to clean and super convenient to clean. 

Key Features and Specification

  • It is made from the finest carbon steel. The coating of this pan is done with the premium FDA approved nonstick silicone. It is also PTFE, PFOA, and BPA free.
  • The pan offers a fantastic baking experience, even if you are new in baking. You just have to spray each side of the pan with high-quality baking spray and follow the recipe.
  • Not only baguette, but you can also bake any other french bread or cheesy herb using this pan. It provides even heating. You can get the baked items quickly without them sticking.
  • It is recommended to use wooden or nylon tools to avoid any scratching on the non-stick surface. Also, cut the baked bread on the platform and not directly on the pan.
  • You can clean it easily with warm water and mild soap. Handwash is preferable, but you can also use a dishwasher if you don’t have time for washing. It is necessary to dry it thoroughly.

4. Emile Henry Mini Baguette Pan

Cooking is not only an activity or a hobby, but it is also an art. Do you believe in this saying? If yes, then this artistic and super attractive baguette pan is the best choice for you. You can get three colors, including Burgundy, Charcoal, and Linen. Bake your baguette with style.  

Key Features and Specification

  • It has a great shape and stylish appearance. It is made of all-natural materials and Emile Henry's accessible flame technology.
  • Unlike other baguette pans, here you can get the base as well the lid. There are some holes in the bottom and the top that help the bread dough to rise.
  • It can provide a dry, crispy crust to the bread and also a brownish texture. You will fall in love with your baguette and the pan both!
  • Thanks to its non-stick surface, any unbaked or baked goods don’t stick. The bread can also get the right amount of humidity for baking.
  • The kit also includes a recipe book. Emile Henry also provides ten years of warranty against manufacturing defects if you use it in a healthy environment. 

5. Fox Run Steel Baguette Bread Pan

If you don’t prefer a stainless steel baguette pan, then try Fox Run Tin-Plated Steel Pan. This fifteen inches baguette bread pan has two sections, each of a four-inch size. The measurement is 8.5 x 15.25 x 2.25 inches.  

Key Features and Specification

  • It is made of a durable and slim tin-plated steel. It works best for baking two fresh loaves of Italian bread.
  • It transfers heat evenly on each section so that you can get uniform browning on your baguette bread.
  • It can be cleaned easily. Try to hand wash each time after using it for baking bread or spice cake.
  • The other happy users suggest that if you spray it with oil and sprinkle cornmeal, then nothing sticks on the pan. You can get bakery-baked bread at home.
  • If you are looking for a long-lasting, durable, and reliable bakeware, then try this product. You are not going to regret it in the future.

So, this is my list of top five baking pans for your kitchen. I hope you have found all the answers you were looking for! Do you think this article has helped you to get the perfect pan for your baguette bread? If yes, comment below about your experiences using such pans and tell us about your love for the baguette. :)


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