Best Pan for Making Caramel - Top Saucepans for Making Perfect Caramel

If you love eating pancakes or french toast with caramel sauce, then you know how tricky is making caramel at home. You need right cookware with perfect depth and capacity to make the caramel sauce. If the right recipe and types of equipment are not used, then you might end up in creating a mess while making the caramel sauce. After experimenting with many cookware products myself, I find the saucepans to be the perfect cookware to make such sauces.

Best Pan for Making Caramel

There are varieties of saucepans available today. Right from non-stick to regular ones, every option is easily accessible. The pans are available in different material such as Copper and Stainless Steel. To help you find out the most suitable choice, I am going to list down a few of the best saucepans. I have included all kinds of pan so that you can choose the ideal one. Let’s explore the list of the best saucepan for making caramel mow.

1. Simply Calphalon Nonstick Sauce Pan for Making Caramel

This product is number one on my list due to its outstanding performance and a large number of positive reviews. The two-coat proprietary nonstick interior helps in cooking the food with little to no oil or butter. It is effortless to release the food. The tempered glass domed covers that come with the pan helps to retain the moisture in the food while it cooks. This saucer pan is an ideal option for everyday tasks such as steaming rice or reheating soups. It is also suitable for making the caramel, homemade broth, sauces, and much more. It is recommended to wash it with hands only as the nonstick interior is easy to clean up. 

Key features and specifications:

  • The pan comes with a riveted silicone and stainless steel handles. Due to these contoured handles, there is a low heat transfer.
  • As the pan has a nonstick interior, it is suitable for making chocolate fondue and other sticky sauces.
  • It has hard-anodized aluminium that helps in heating the pan evenly and quickly.
  • It can be used to keep the dish hot until serving and is also This pan is also oven safe up to 400 F.
  • It comes with a full ten-year warranty.

2. Norpro 644 Universal Stainless Steel Double Boiler

Norpro brand offers innovative and high-quality cookware products for preparing as well as serving food. The pan comes with a capacity of 2.9 liters. It is made with premium quality and durable stainless steel. This double boiler is perfect for melting chocolate, butter, caramel, and other candies. As this pan is ideal for cooking gravies, sauces, puddings, custards, and much more. If you are someone who wants a pan for many tasks, then this option is suitable for you. 

Key features and specifications:

  • The pan has a long and sturdy handle that makes it easy to hold the pan.
  • It also has dual sculpted pour spot for right and left to ensure a spill-free pouring.
  • The boiler can fit a variety of pan with different diameters and depths.
  • It is perfect for melting wax for making candles, making homemade soaps, wax tarts, etc.
  • As the pan has a large capacity, it can be used to make larger batches without worrying about the spillover.

3. Moiak Sauce Pan for Making Caramel

If you are looking for a basic saucer pan to add in your cookware collection, then this alternative is suitable for you. There are two sizes available for this one: Small and Large. You can select the size as per your preference. This pan is made of premium stainless steel material. It is rustproof and durable. The base of the pan enables the user to control the temperature level. It is perfect for heating milk, making syrups, caramel, chocolate, and much more. 

Key features and specifications:

  • The pan has an encapsulated base that helps in distributing the heat evenly, and it also improves the heat conduction.
  • It has a comfortable and resistant handle that stays cool. This feature of the handle makes it easy to hold and carry the pan without feeling the heat.
  • There is a hole on the end of the handle to hang the pan in your pot rack.
  • The pan is suitable for reheating vegetables, gravies, sauces and warming soups.

4. Kuprum Copper Saucepan for Making Caramel

This option for the saucepan is a unique one in this list as this pan is made from 100% natural and recyclable copper. It is hand-hammered by using the premium quality copper. The pan heats as well as cools down rapidly. It is perfect for caramelizing sugar without forming clumps. It also works great for making sauces, heating soups, beating cream, and much more. This cookware product adds to the beauty of your kitchen. The manufacturers recommend to not put this pan in the dishwasher or in a microwave to keep the tin-lining intact. 

Key features and specifications:

  • The pan has a nonreactive tin-lining that helps in heating the pan rapidly and evenly.
  • It does not add any additional taste to the food while cooking it.
  • The round bottom of the pan makes for whisking gravies and sauces.
  • The pan is suitable for use on gas as well as electric cooktops.
  • It has comfortable handleKuprum Copper SaucepanKuprum Copper Saucepans to hold the pan with rivets.

5. Imeea Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pan

This saucepan is also an excellent option if you want to go for a stainless steel interior. The pan is made from high-quality material with, magnetic stainless steel exterior as well. There is a single layer of aluminum core present between the two steel layers. It is designed to give the utmost comfort to handle and use the pan without spilling. It is ideal for making syrups, caramel, chocolate, cheese, etc. It is also perfect for poaching a single egg or making sauces in small batches. 

Key features and specifications:

  • The three-ply construction of the pan helps in the even and optimal heat distribution.
  • It has a comfortable handle designed with perfect ergonomics.
  • The saucepan has dual pour to make it easy to use for both left and right-handed people.
  • The handle has a hole in the end, to hang the pot in the rack for storage.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty and can also be used on inductions as well as electric cooktops.

6. Mauviel Saucepan for Making Caramel

Mauviel is a trusted and reputed manufacturer of professional copper cookware. The pan is made of high-quality copper, which is ten times more conductive than the stainless steel pans available in the market. It has a flat base and straight sides that helps in melting sugar smoothly with ease. The pan ideal for making sugar syrups, sweets, treats, etc. This is the perfect pan if you are looking for an all-in-one pan to prepare everything from caramel, hard candies to Italian meringue and buttercream frostings. 

Key features and specifications:

  • As the pan has a copper construction, it heats up rapidly with even heat distribution.
  • It is safe to use this pan with a boiler and stove top.
  • The pot can be used in the oven too up to 680 degrees F.
  • It has conical copper handles that are secured with rivets.
  • As there is a narrow spout in the pan, there is no spilling or mess while pouring.
  • The pan comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and it is recommended to hand wash the pan instead of putting in the dishwasher.

7. Shni Stainless Steel Sauce Pan 

The last option in the list is this stainless steel saucepan. The handle of the pan is sturdy and is convenient to hold while cooking. There is a hole in the handle that allows hanging the pot in the rack for optional storage. The pan is ideal for making syrups, heating milk, caramelizing sugar, and much more.  

Key features and specifications:

  • The pan is made with excellent quality stainless steel. It is durable and resistant to rust.
  • There are two sizes available in the pan: A small pan having the capacity of 50 ml and a large having a capacity of 100ml.
  • It is suitable for reheating small portions of vegetables, warming soups, sauces and much more.
  • It comes in gold color and can add to the beauty of your kitchen.

How to make the best Caramel sauce?

Now that you found out the best pans in the market for caramel, let me share with you my most favorite recipe of caramel sauce that you can use for your pudding, pies, cheesecakes, and many more. 

For Caramel sauce, you need

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1tbsp water
  • 4tbsp butter
  • ½ cup whipped cream or any heavy cream

Now let’s start the recipe.

  • Take a pan and add 1cup of sugar with1tbsp water.
  • Let the sugar caramelize on low-medium flame nicely till it is melted well and turns brown in color.
  • Now add 4tbsp butter and mix this sauce nicely and cook for a minute.
  • After that, add ½ cup whipped cream and mix the sauce really well.
  • You need to stir continuously and let the sauce thicken a bit.
  • Let your sauce cool down completely, and you can store it in a jar for even a month in a refrigerator.

Note: Make sure you do not overcook the sugar. Else it will burn, and your sauce will turn into a disaster, so stay put and cook your sauce with patience. 

What are the necessary steps for cleaning and maintenance of the pan?

If you want your pan to live for a longer time, then you need to follow a few things to keep it just like new. 

  • Always soak the pan in hot water for 5-10 minutes and then wash it with soap water. This way, the dirt will be removed completely.
  • Remember to only use silicone, wooden, or plastic utensils when you are cooking on a nonstick pan; the rest will lead to scratches on your pan and will ruin. 
  • Always cook on a low to medium flame while cooking on a non-stick pan to avoid damages.

So these were the few tips you must take care of and follow to keep your pans just the same as new ones.  

Bottom Line: 

These are some of the best options that are readily available. I have included products that come in different sizes so that you can have options of sizes as well. All these products are sturdy and durable. Depending on your preference, you can select the one that fits your budget and other criteria.


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