Best Disposable Soup Bowls - Fancy Disposable Bowls for Party

The holiday season is just around the corner and with all the parties, events, dinners it definitely adds to the festivity. But one who organises parties knows the pain of doing so many dishes after the parties. It becomes very difficult to do all the clean up after the parties. Disposable bowls and dishes are something that can save up your time and efforts.

Serving hot soups is one difficulty as it is runny and hot that it needs to be served in the bowls that are of premium quality and spacious enough to serve soups. There are many options of disposable bowls available in the market. A lot of options in the disposable range are reusable and are dishwasher safe. To help you in deciding which bowl set to get for serving all your guests and saving the time of cleaning the mess. I am going to list down seven such options of disposable bowls in this article, and you can choose the ones you want on your preferences.

Best Disposable Soup Bowls

1. Stock your home 50 Plastic Bowls Set

These disposable bowl sets are the top-rated and the most purchased disposable bowl set online. People like this disposable bowl set because it looks elegant and is made of brilliant quality plastic. As it is disposable, it is perfect for use in parties and events to save the time of cleaning the dishes. The best feature about this bowl set is that it is made up of durable and reusable plastic. 

Key features

  • The bowls come in different colour variant such as gold, white, etc.
  • It has a silver sheen which gives it a classy look without making it look cheap.
  • As the set contains 50 pieces, it can be used for picnics and get-togethers too.
  • The bowls are dishwasher safe and can be reused instead of throwing it away.

2. Karat Earth disposable soup bowls

The next option that you can consider for getting disposable bowls is from the brand of Karat Earth. These bowls are made using bagasse. As bagasse is a by-product of sugar cane, it is an ideal option for eco-friendly bowls. The bagasse is made from the fibers of sugar cane that are left behind after extraction of the sugar. These fibers are known for their strength and durability. Hence these bowls are the sustainable and perfect option for your parties, picnics and more. 

Key features:

  • These disposable bowls are ideal for serving food items like rice, noodles, salad and chili.
  • As the bowls are made from eco-friendly material, it is compostable and doesn’t harm our planet earth.
  • These soup bowls are safe to use in the microwave; hence you can use it in house parties too.
  • The bowls do not emit any toxic fumes while microwaving it.

3. Stalkmarket Disposable Soup Bowls

Stalkmarket is one of the leading manufacturers in the disposable cutlery options. The bowls are microwave safe, freezable, oil and cut-resistant. The bowls are composable with the help of proper composting management practices. The bowls are the best alternatives to styrofoam and petroleum-based plastic. The bowls can also be used for serving something cold. 

Key features

  • The bowls are made up of the compostable sugarcane fibre.
  • The product is 99% USDA certified.
  • The bowls are sturdy and can be microwaved.
  • It is gluten-free and safe for keeping in the fridge.
  • It is 100% free from tree and plastic thus it is an eco-friendly option.

4. Dixie Ultra Paper Bowls

Dixie ultra paper bowls are one of its kind as it is not made of plastic but paper. The bowls are perfect for dinners, holidays or any other occasions. It is Kosher certified. Also, the bowls are coated in a soak proof shield. This coating adds stability and durability to the paper bowls. 

Key features

  • The pack contains 156 paper bowls in total which are a great quantity for any party, events, picnics, etc.
  • It is BPA-free and durable.
  • As it is a paper bowl, it can be used for serving some snacks, appetisers along with serving soups.
  • The bowls are microwavable and can be recycled.

5. Laura Stein Plastic Bowls

Laura Stein plastic bowls are unique ones in this list. These bowls are clear and transparent which is different from all the plastic bowls you get in the market. The bowls are premium quality disposable bowls. There are other options from the manufacturer that you can match with these bowls like plates, cups, etc. for parties and events. 

Key features

  • The bowls have a beautiful design and are of good quality.
  • The bowls can be used for everyday use as well.
  • The bowls can be used for serving chilli, ice-creams, etc.

6. Propack Disposable Bowls

Propack disposable bowls are the best option if you are looking for something eco-friendly option. The size of the bowls is perfect for serving soups, appetisers, etc. The bowls are good quality disposable bowls. Its ideal for outdoor events, buffets and even for everyday use. 

Key features

  • The bowls are washable, reusable and disposable.
  • These bowls are microwave safe and also eco-friendly.
  • The pack contains 50 white plastic bowls at an affordable price.
  • It can be used for everyday uses as well.

7. Elite Selection Soup Bowls

The elite selection soup bowls are superior plastic soup plates which are heavy weight and do not crack that easily. The bowls are so beautiful that it looks like real china dishes. It can be used for serving pizza, soups, desserts, etc. in events, wedding receptions, mitzvah, etc. The bowls are recyclable and BPA free. 

Key features

  • There are 25 durable and sturdy bowls in the pack which is perfect for any small event, party or dinner.
  • The bowls have golden trimmings giving it an elegant touch.
  • The bowls are disposable so you can discard it after its use.
  • The bowls can be used for serving salads, appetisers, and desserts as well.

8. Earth's Natural Eco-Friendly Bowls

The brand name of Earth’s natural is known to produce an environment-friendly range of party supplies. Right from the eco-friendly plates to the bowls, you can find everything here. These particular natural bowls are made using bagasse. The raw materials used in the making of these bowls are free from chlorides, pesticides, dyes, etc. The premium quality unbleached bagasse used to make these bowls makes them durable and it can also compose naturally without polluting the surroundings. Add these bowls to your pantry for stocking up the supplies for house parties, Sunday brunches, holidays and much more.

Key features:

  • All the bowls are safe to use in the microwave and are also oil as well as heat resistant.
  • You can serve both wet and dry food in these bowls.
  • The material used in the making of these bowls is free of gluten.
  • These bowls can be used to serve all the types of food, be it hot or cold.
  • There are many options available for the quantity ranging from 50 counts to 800, so you can select the quantity as per your preference.

9. ZenCo Bagasse Rice Bowl

Another brand that you can consider for getting eco-friendly and sustainable party supplies is Zenco. They also have a range of supplies, including plates, different sizes of bowls, napkins and much more. These compostable bowls from Zenco are made using bagasse to replace your traditional paper bowls. Like other compostable bowls, these ones can also hold different kinds of food items, be it soup, rice, chilly and others. You can get this set for taking with for camping, picnic, office parties, brunches and much more. Also, you can get two colors in these bowls: White and Beige.  

Key features:

  • These eco-friendly bowls are reliable, sturdy and can hold anything with ease.
  • There are 50 compostable bowls included in this set.
  • All the bowls are microwave-safe and do not emit any toxic fumes.
  • The bowls are BPI certified and are fully compostable within 60-90 days.
  • The company also offers a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the overall quality and performance of these bowls.

10. Fuyit Disposable Soup Bowls

If you are looking for bowls made from non-GMO materials, then this might be the best alternative for you. These bowls are made with 100% natural sugarcane bagasse fiber, which makes it compostable, sustainable and renewable. The dimensions of the containers are made to accommodate more quantity. As these bowls are sturdy and reliable, you can use it for many parties and occasions. You can serve chili, soup, ice cream, soup and many other food items. Avoid heating water in these bowls as it is not recommended. 

Key features:

  • The bowls can be used to serve both hold and cold food.
  • There are 150 pieces of bowls in this package.
  • It meets the FDA guidelines for food contact surfaces and these bowls are compostable in commercial facilities.
  • There is no leaking in these bowls and it is also free of wax and plastic linings.
  • This package of disposable bowls is microwavable as well as freezable.
  • These bowls are heat-safe up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You can also use these bowls to feed your pets.

The options stated above are the best-sellers and the top-rated options for the disposable bowls. These bowls can be used for serving other food items as well such as chilli, desserts, appetisers, salads, etc. Disposable bowls are perfect for the parties and events as there is no mess after party and you can reuse them too.


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