Best Pasta Bowl - Serve Pasta in Elegant Style at Sweet Home

Everybody loves functional and durable dining set for their meals. And although it is easy to find out the complete dining sets, people often struggle to find pasta dinnerware for their homes. As pasta is one such dish that requires bowls with more depth and capacity to hold the food, finding the right ones can be a challenging task. I know the struggle of finding the ones myself, and hence I have curated a list of some of the best pasta bowls available in the market for us. I have made sure that the options I have included have the ideal holding capacity for pasta and are also worth the money you spend.

Best Pasta Bowl

To give you more options, this list has some alternatives for colorful pasta bowls as well for the people who do not like the boring regular white dishes. All the variants suggested below are suitable for serving a range of food items such as pasta, burritos, salads and more so that you don’t have to spend extra money on buying extra dishes. Go through this list and add a beautiful set of pasta bowls to your kitchen.

1. Sweese Porcelain Pasta Bowls

Sweese is a known and reputed name when it comes to kitchen and dining products. They have a wide variety of dining sets and accessories. If you are looking for an affordable pasta bowl set of six to invest in under 40 dollars, then this is the one. These pasta bowls are made from premium quality porcelain, which makes it durable and sturdy. The shape of the bowl is such that it has more capacity to hold food. The porcelain used in the making of these bowls is lead-free and chip-resistant. It is made from non-toxic ceramic to ensure the safety of food. The design of the dishes is minimal yet elegant that can also add beauty to your special occasions. The gorgeous white shiny glaze finish makes them perfect for use in routines as well as in parties. Add this beautiful and economical set of pasta bowls to your collection for serving pasta, salad, desserts and much more. 

Key features

  • As the pasta bowls are stackable, they take up less space in storage.
  • The bowls can be hand-washed with ease and it also fits in the dishwasher without any hassle.
  • There are three different varieties of bowl sets available: Classic, Assorted Hot colored bowls and assorted cold colored bowls.
  • The pr-grade porcelain bowls are safe to use for microwave, oven and even freezer.
  • It has ideal size for an ordinary course of pasta, rice servings and burritos as it has a broader surface area.
  • These bowls are shallow, so food doesn’t get stuck and is also convenient for kids to hold and eat.
  • The manufacturers offer a free replacement or refund if there is something wrong with the bowls.

2. Le Tauci Pasta Bowls 

Another great alternative that you can consider if you are looking for large serving bowls is this pasta bowl set from Le Tauci. The set has four large serving bowls with a capacity of 45 ounces and depth of 2.4”. Its size makes it suitable for serving large quantities of food without spilling or creating a mess. The design of the bowls is such that it evenly heats the food and also cools down quickly to save time. These bowls are made using premium quality materials exclusively that makes it last longer than other standard dishes. You can use it for everyday meals or also serve your guests in these bowls on special occasions. It will also be a good and useful gift in the holiday season for your friends and family. 

Key features

  • The bowls are durable as it is made from FDA approved quality stoneware. It is cadmium-free and lead-free as well.
  • It is safe to wash these bowls in the dishwasher as it is sturdy and doesn’t crack either while washing.
  • As the bowls have the right thickness, they can resist chips or cracks and aren’t that bulky to hold.
  • There are three color options available for this set: White, Red and Sapphire. You can also create your own unique set of bowls by mixing and matching bowls of different colors.
  • One can use these bowls to serve pasta with extra sauce, salads, soups, stews, desserts and more.

3. Certified International Tequila Sunrise Soup/Pasta Bowl

This option is the best recommendation for the people who are fans of colorful pasta bowls. Certified International is a leading company that makes durable ceramic tableware and dining sets. The brand works with designers all over the world to come up with different and innovative designs for your kitchenware and dining. There are four bowls in the set and are also easily stackable. The bowls are sturdy, stylish and will add an artistic addition to your culinary collections. The bright colors of the bowls can make your table look fancy and trust me; your guests will love this set of colorful pasta bowls. It is suitable for serving soups, pasta, salads, stews, ice-creams and other food items. 

Key features

  • These decorative pasta bowls are designed by Nancy Green to give that touch of beautiful colors to your kitchenware.
  • Only lead-free and premium quality ceramic is used in the making of these colorful pasta bowls.
  • It is hand-painted and safe for serving large quantities of food due to its more holding capacity.
  • The bowls are safe to use in microwaves as well as dishwasher, making your cleaning process convenient and hassle free.
  • This pasta bowl set is perfect for serving food on occasions as well as for casual dining.

4. Ikea Kalas BPA-Free Bowl

Ikea is a trusted name when it comes to excellent quality products, be it furniture or dining sets. The company never fails to amaze the customers with the varieties one could get in an affordable range. If you are looking for colorful pasta bowls for your kids or even yourself under budget, then you should totally go for this alternative. The supreme quality bowls are designed to hold more food without spilling anything. The bowls have sufficient holding capacity for serving salad, ice-cream, pasta, noodles and more. The customers have loved the fun colors and also the ease of cleaning for these bowls. You can invest in this set of bowls for everyday meals or even parties. 

Key features

  • The bowls are made from durable plastic and it is also BPA-free.
  • These pasta bowls take a little storing space as they are stackable.
  • There are two options of sets available: Set of 6 and Set of 12. So now you don’t have to worry about matching the dining ware on the table.
  • All the bowls are microwave-safe and withstand the heating of the food till 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The bright colors of the bowls are liked by the children and can also be used by the people who want to monitor their food portions.
  • One can easily clean these bowls as it is also dishwasher safe up to 70 degrees celsius.

5. Zoneyila Porcelain Serving Bowls

The last option on this list are these classic white serving pasta bowls from the house of Zoneyila. These pasta bowls come in a set of two and are made from the premium grade porcelain. The brand ensures that they only use lead-free and cadmium-free for making these bowls. The bowls in this particular set have a capacity of 38 ounces, but there are also other options available for the size and capacity available from the manufacturers. These serving bowls are suitable for serving pasta, soups, fruits, ice creams and other food items. You can add this set of pasta bowls for your family or even gatherings and parties. 

Key features

  • The bowls have a smooth and shiny glaze that can be a beautiful addition to your kitchenware.
  • One can also use these bowls as serving plates because of their broad surface area for holding food.
  • These bowls are safe to use in the oven, freezer, dishwasher and microwave.
  • The company offers 24x7 customer support for product related queries and problems.
  • The pasta bowls take up less space in storage as these are stackable and do not chip.
  • It is easy to clean these bowls and there are no residual food odors left behind.

Concluding Remarks 

I have tried and included all types of pasta bowls, be it classic white to decorative ones. I am sure you will find the set that suits your budget and preference. I would recommend the pasta bowls from Sweese as these ones are affordable and chip-resistant. However, if you are looking for plastic serving bowls, then you can opt for Ikea pasta bowls as these are durable, versatile and also easy to clean. Make sure that you go through details of all the sets once before making a purchase. Also, try to read some customer reviews too. I hope this list helps you to find the best pasta bowl set for your home.


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