Blue Bunny Ice Cream Reviews - Is it Really Good?

I love reviewing food, and doesn’t my page make it look obvious? But today, I’m reviewing something that I love, maybe something that I love eating all the time! The famous - Blue Bunny Ice Cream. Last night I grabbed a tin of scoopables of its popular Bunny Tracks. The first scoop of it in my mouth brought back so many childhood memories. And as their commercial says - “I can do this all day”. Filled with so much flavour and fun, as they say, Blue Bunny Ice Cream has plenty of flavours that bursts and melts in your mouth evenly. Blue Bunny has come all way long with their scoopable, loaded sundaes, cones and now mini swirls and loaded bars. Let me list down the best five for you, so if you haven’t tried it yet, save this list for when you order a blue bunny next time! Blue Bunny Ice Cream Reviews.

Blue Bunny Ice Cream Reviews

From their range of scoopables, Bunny Tracks is my favourite, and I know I’m not the only one. Take one full spoon of this ice cream, and your mind will go, “WOW!” No, seriously, this thick fudge is covered with peanut butter caramel and peanuts covered in chocolate bunnies. If you think of this as the same old boring peanut butter ice cream, then you are mistaken. It is chocolaty with a zest of a salty flavour of chocolate-covered peanuts that goes crunchy crunchy in your mouth as you eat. Plus, peanuts in it are an added protein source. Overall, I am so satisfied with the texture, taste, quality, and of course, Blue Bunny never comprises quality. Isn’t Bunny Tracks the next thing you are ordering from Blue Bunny? 

When I say, bring me desserts, you better be getting the super fudge brownie from the loaded bars section of Blue Bunny. This is not just your regular ice cream bar. It is grandly loaded with chocolate, chocolate fudge, brownies and cookies and more chocolate sauce! Everything is doubled here, the size, the toppings, and the fun while you munch on. Covered with a hard chocolate shell with chocolate crumbs that feels crunchy as you take the first bite. Later you will find chunks of fudge brownies and ice cream rolling delightfully in your mouth. Isn’t your mouth watering already? 

Are you too obsessed with cakes? And also with sundaes as well? Presenting to you the Cake Obsession, a loaded sundae. One cup of Cake Obsession contains chocolate cake chunks, cookie pieces covered with chocolate, sprinkles and chocolaty bunnies to top it with. They call it loaded for a reason, not kidding! This is a nice treat on any fine day for a chocolate lover. Not just an ice cream, it is a yummy cold cake that will keep you licking the tin forever until you bite that last piece of cookie and cake. I bet you cannot share this with anyone! 

If you are done with loaded ones, never mind, the mini swirls from Blue Bunny is here for you. Has vanilla ever gone wrong? Classic vanilla mini swirls top my list out of all the other flavours. This is the best ice cream I have ever savoured. It is pretty creamy, with a smooth texture and the most natural vanilla flavour I have ever tasted. Oh, the cone part is crisp, thin, and so fresh and crunchy. Though mini, these cones are filled with chocolate, making it the children’s favourite snack as well! I wish they sold loaded ones from the cone swirls section too. 

I think I will never be over Bunny Tracks as it tops my list of loaded cones too! The loaded bunny track cone is filled with caramel swirls, peanut butter and chocolaty bunnies—all of these on top of a fat cone filled with tons of chocolate in its end. Overloaded with nuts and chocolates and peanuts, I recommend you not to miss out on this one, as I finished one whole box in one go! My favourite part is the little bunnies that come in your mouth at every bite you take; those are filled with caramel which just makes the perfect combo with peanuts and chocolate. I swear the loaded bunny tracks cone is my new guilty pleasure. 

I scream for Blue Bunny Ice Cream all the time!

Sigh! These were my top five favourite Blue Bunny Ice creams. No, the list ain’t over as I love this brand and their whole list of ice cream. The density, loads of flavours and the perfect texture that Blue Bunny offers, is found in no other brand. And doubtless, to say, they sell the premium ice cream like no one else!

Have you tried Blue Bunny yet? Let us know the flavours that you cherish! 


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