Can Coffee Make You Dizzy? - Experimented by Experts

There are several people out there who have complained about the feeling of lightheadedness and dizziness after a lot of consumption of coffee. Well, it might surprise you, but yes it is true that coffee can cause dizziness. Shocked? Want to know how? Keep reading this article and find out how does consuming coffee effects on your body.

Can Coffee Make You Dizzy?

So I know how difficult it becomes to function without a cup of coffee in the morning or during work hours too. I personally can’t work without a good warm cup of coffee. The coffee is refreshing due to the caffeine present it. Caffeine is the main ingredient that helps you to feel refreshed and has good antioxidant properties too. Iis noted consuming more than the recommended amount of caffeine can lead to many problems such as insomnia, feeling dizzy, etc.

How much coffee should you consume?

 As per the recommended consumption of the coffee, it should not be more than three cups of 8 oz. Consuming this much amount of coffee is consuming almost 250 mg caffeine. 250 mg caffeine is the recommended amount of caffeine one should consume. The caffeine is present in tea, sodas and some energy drinks as well. Make sure to check the amount of caffeine in the beverages you consume. Some people drink up to 10 cups of coffee which makes them feel dizzy and insomniac. Consuming almost 10 cups of coffee means consuming 750 mg of caffeine. This is much beyond the recommended caffeine intake.

Why does coffee make you feel dizzy?

 A lot of people have complained about feeling lightheaded after consuming more number of cups of coffee. What a lot of people do not know is the fact that coffee is diuretic, that is it makes you pee. Consuming more than required coffee leads to loss of water and electrolytes. This loss of water can lead to dehydration and blood volume.

The decrease in the blood volume is caused due to caffeine in the coffee. This decreased volume can make one feel dizzy or fatigue.

Additional reports suggest that caffeine decreases the blood flow to the brain making you feel light headed or dizziness. Some people also have insomnia after drinking coffee as caffeine makes you more alert.

So, how you feel after having coffee depends on how much coffee you have consumed in a day. Consuming more caffeine can make you feel dizzy and dehydrated.

What are the ways to deal with dizziness when you want to drink the coffee?

The most common practice among people typically the Americans is that they brew their coffee first after waking up. There are that suggests that drinking coffee on an empty stomach is not suitable for the digestion. Consuming coffee on an empty stomach leads to the problems with the digestive tract, making it difficult for proteins to dissolve and can also cause sugar cravings.

However, having coffee with breakfast is better than having coffee on an empty stomach. Having breakfast with coffee helps in maintaining the blood volume and also the fluids in the body and thus drinking coffee with your breakfast in not feeling dizzy. It will make you feel energized and boosted for the entire day.

Remember, there is a limit of consumption for everything. If you consume coffee in the recommended standards, then you will not suffer from feeling dizzy or shaky. However, I would suggest never to drink coffee on an empty stomach. If you are someone who needs something or the other for feeling refreshed try and find substitutes for the coffee but make sure to limit your coffee consumption.


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