Can marshmallows go bad - Know before eating marshmallow

Dessert-lovers can't really resist the sight of soft marshmallows, can they? As much as well love marshmallows with a cup of hot chocolate and other beverages, one should know the right way to store them, their expiry date, and its shelf life. Like other food items, marshmallows can also go bad if it is not stored properly. If you are thinking of getting a big pack of marshmallows or have already gotten one, let us go through some basic information regarding its storage and consumption.

Can marshmallows go bad?

Marshmallow shelf life

The shelf life of marshmallows is often mentioned on the packaging itself. Many manufacturers mention the best before use date so that you can consume it in that period. An unopened bag of marshmallows has a shelf life of six to eight months. Once opened, this shelf-life reduces to a month or two if stored properly.

Marshmallow storage

It is recommended to store the marshmallows in a cool and dark place to extend its shelf life. Many companies use preservatives and stabilizers, making it safe to keep them in a cold environment or even a dark cupboard in your pantry. Just make sure that it is not stored in the places that receive direct sunlight.

So this is what the producers or manufacturers mention and suggest for the buyers. However, there are some questions that you might have regarding the opened package of marshmallows. Don't worry; we are here to share some tricks to extend marshmallows' shelf life once the package is opened. To better understand this information, let's go through the frequently asked questions and answers regarding the same.

Can you refrigerate marshmallows?

The answer is, yes, you can! Not a lot of people are aware of this, but you can store your marshmallows in the refrigerator as well. This hack is perfect for the people living in humid climates to keep their marshmallows soft and prevent them from sticking together or melting.

Store the marshmallows in an air-tight container or ziplock bag and then store it in the refrigerator if you are going to consume it within a week. If you are unsure of its consumption in a week or so, I suggest you freeze the marshmallows so that they don't go bad. 

Doe marshmallow fluff go bad?

Yes, marshmallows fluffs can also go bad if not stored properly. Like marshmallows, the unopened fluffs have a shelf life of six to eight months, whereas opened ones have a shelf life of two to four months when stored properly.

Do marshmallows expire?

Yes, every tasty delicacy comes with an expiry, and marshmallows are no different. As they are made from a mixture of different ingredients with high water content, they go bad and taste different after some time. Fresh marshmallows are soft, have a pillow-like texture, and sweet, whereas the marshmallows that have expired or gone bad are hard, do not taste the same, and tend to stick to each other. So if you notice that marshmallows are hardened, their shelf life is over, and they have gone bad. 

I hope this article helps you get all the needed information about the storage, consumption, and shelf-life of the marshmallows so that you can complete or store your stash accordingly. Make sure to consume marshmallows in a week or so to enjoy their freshness and soft texture.


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