Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds? – Know the Real Truth

If you are a coffee lover, you may have asked yourself many times whether you can reuse coffee grounds or not! Rich coffee flavors are quite addictive. We crave for their taste and can’t compromise even a bit. But being a true coffee lover, we don’t want to waste the coffee grounds and use them in any possible manner. But the question is, ‘Can you reuse coffee grounds?’ You may get a clear answer and some other aspects of using them again. Let’s dig in.

Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds to Make More Coffee?

Yes, you can. Coffee grounds can be used again to make a second cup of coffee. But, before going further with that, ask yourself, ‘What’s the point?’ If you use the coffee grounds again, you will see that the caffeine and the flavor are nearly gone. If you can compromise with the taste of your second coffee, then surely you can try reusing the grounds. Just make sure that you would not be left with a gloopy mixture.

Let me explain how does it work! You may know that coffee beans include flavor compounds, oils, and caffeine. When this combination is grounded, and you brew it in water, the more surface area of the coffee is being exposed. Later on, the compounds are extracted to go into the water, and it tastes accurate just for the first time. As there is a limited number of compounds, you will end up having bitter/bad tasting coffee if you brew the coffee grounds one more time. It will lose most of the flavors.

Apart from the flavors, there is one more (and quite significant) issue with reusing the coffee grounds, i.e., Bacterias! Coffee grounds become extremely wet once used. If you don’t use them immediately for the second cup of coffee, then the bacterias start growing. So, if you really want to reuse them, then you have to brew them within a few minutes. You must not leave them open for a longer period.

Can You Use Coffee Grounds More Than Once?

If you want to use your favorite coffee grounds more than once, then you should brew a big batch of coffee all in one go and then use it within 15 to 25 minutes. Apart from that, you can also use this stuff in the following manner. Let me discuss some genius ideas of reusing coffee grounds.

1. Organic Fertilizer

Organic FertilizerAs I have mentioned earlier, the used and wet coffee grounds can produce bacteria. Well, the fertilizers do the same thing within the soil. Try sprinkling the coffee grounds along with the store-bought fertilizers. You can also mix half a cup of grounds in the warm water and pour it in the spray bottle. It will act as a fertilizer mist for your bedroom garden.

2. Mosquito Repellent

Being a coffee lover, you must love the smell of the coffee grounds. But, you will be glad to know that the mosquitoes and other bugs hate it. The strong scents like coffee keep insects far away from the living area. Simply dry out the coffee grounds after the use and sprinkle it or keep it in the bowl on the patio to keep your tiniest enemies away from your house.

3. Drain/Utensils Cleaner

Coffee as Utensils Cleaner

As the coffee grounds have a gritty texture and a strong scent, they can help to unclog and deodorize the sinks, especially your kitchen drainers. You just have to boil a cup of coffee grounds in a pot of water and pour it into the drainage. You can also clean the dirty pans, countertops, or other utensils by tossing the grounds on the surface and scrub with a sponge.

4. Coffee Decorations

When you are preparing some shakes or sweet pastries and need something to decorate your dish, you can try used coffee grounds to add the flavor. They also work best as fresh grounds in any food recipes. Using the coffee grounds will add some flavor in your dish, but don’t use too much otherwise, the food may taste bitter.

5. Body Scrub

Body ScrubIf you are a true coffee lover, I am sure that you are using a coffee scrub often. Aren’t you? Well, stop wasting money on the store-bought exfoliator with coffee grounds and make your own at home. Reusing the coffee grounds can help to remove the dead skin of your face and body, without causing any irritation. You just have to rub the grounds on your body in the shower and wash them off using cold water. You will love the fragrance of the coffee exfoliator as well.

Apart from these magical uses, you can also use coffee grounds as…

  • Wormfood
  • Shoe or hand deodorizer
  • Hair pack
  • Scratch repair
  • Crafting or decorating material, etc.

Final Verdict

Is reusing the coffee ground okay? Yes. But you shouldn’t, if possible. Not for the coffee, at least. Can you use coffee grounds twice? Yes. And you should, for sure. Finding some new ways and tricks to use coffee grounds for your household stuff can help you to save many bucks, and also provide a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle you always crave for! Keep a jar near your coffee machine or pot and dump the used grounds in it. Try to dry them if possible and store them again to maintain the hygiene. Oh yes, you can also wash your hands from that. 🙂

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