David's Tea vs Teavana - Which Tea Brand is Best for You?

I travel places and that’s how during one of my visits to India, I fell in love with tea or chai as it’s famously called there. And eventually, it became a habit to drink tea regularly. So this regime of drinking chai every day remained the same no matter if it’s Canada or Europe. Well, this also means that I have tasted tea from all around the corner. Trust me, some are just labelled as tea but nowhere near its taste! Ugh! Anyhow, today, I will be talking about the two most prominent tea selling companies. Davids and Teavana. I love both of them for several reasons, but which one is better? Decide it for yourself once you reach the end of this post: Davids Tea vs Teavana.

Both these companies sell different types of tea. Davids Tea offers a variety of 9 types, and Teavana offers a variety of 10 types of tea flavours. Let us dive into the differences of both the tea in the context of their taste, service, price and overall rating. 

David's Tea vs Teavana: The Difference 



I am not a big fan of all their flavours. But to point out, I kind of love their Caffeine in black and Caffeine in herbal tea. Both of these are packed with flavours that burst in your mouth at every sip. 


With a variety of 10 flavours, Teavana has mostly flavoured ones and some single-origin tea. And I have enjoyed all of them. Let me tell you that some are great while some aren’t! My favourite one is their latest White Chocolate Peppermint, not too sweet, not too bitter, it has a nice roast of peppermint, and the taste just lasts forever in your mouth. 


Davids Tea 

I have had numerous visits to Davids during my stay in Canada. And the service was on spot! The attendant had a pleasant smile who welcomed me nicely into the store. They were generous enough to guide me with their best dishes and tea during my first visit.  


Unlike Davids, I didn’t really feel welcomed at Teavana. The staff was not approachable and engaging towards the customer. But they seemed good at guiding me with the menu and helping me choose out of varied options. 


Davids Tea 

Davids is generous with price and quality both. The costs for a majority of their tea and other food items vary around 8-9 dollars.  


Teavana is too much! Owned by Starbucks, grabbing a Teavana is a sure way to show off on Instagram. Fifty dollars is what they charge for a standard size of tea. Not sure if everyone would find it expensive as I do.  



The winner is Davids Tea for me. It has everything, quantity to quality to super affordability. In fact, Davids has been my go to pick during my vacation in the USA. No lying, but Davids really seems to be the future of the tea industry. 

Anyway, I won’t be biased here. Everyone has different taste buds, so I will suggest you try both brands and decide for yourself. While we are discussing tea, let us not miss the fact that we have many coffee lovers, too, one of them being me! So for all my coffee lovers, I have discovered the Best Lavazza Coffee; check out that post as well. 


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