Does Starbucks Have Bubble Tea? Yes, and We Have Found it For You!

Life has never been tougher than ever, especially after this pandemic, true, isn't it? But, my saviour was the Starbucks Bubble Tea! The internet was going crazy about 'Why Starbucks doesn’t sell Boba Tea?' and 'Does Starbucks Have Bubble Tea?' But guess what? I have found it and so will you by the end of this article. Though Starbucks hasn't officially added it to their menu yet, here is the way to grab your Starbucks Bubble Tea. 

Does Starbucks Have Bubble Tea?

Yes, you read that right! We have got you a mind-blowing trick to get bubble tea from Starbucks! You might save this post for later as well ; ) 

The Foolproof Hack!  

Customise your drink! And there is no better place than Starbucks to do that. All you need to do is scroll the Starbucks menu, find the iced tea options, choose your favourite ice tea, move forward, and ask them not to add any water. That means you get pure tea, add ice your preference and choose your favourite milk flavour from their huge list of options. Now moving to the syrup section, add an extra pump of the classic one plus my recommendation, the toffee nut syrup. I usually ask them to add the raspberry syrup as well for the fruity flavours. Now, place your order. Once you get your no water, ice tea, add your dearest flavour of pearl bubbles into the drink and slurp it all! Wasn't that just yummy? You may want to thank us later for that.

If at all this drink doesn't satisfy your taste buds, then here is an excellent alternative to get bubble tea from Starbucks. Raspberry milk or the list of Teavana drinks from the menu of Starbucks won't disappoint you. In fact, these are my go-to drinks every time I am sulking. So you may catch on to one as well! 

Have you ever gone this hackish for your favourite food? Or are you looking for more such DIYs and hacks to find your favourite food from famous food chains? Then let us know in the comments, and we will help you with it. 


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