Does McDonald's Have Hot Chocolate - Here is the Truth

Sometimes all you need on a cold, lazy winter morning is a hot cuppa to awaken the sloth bear in you. I usually prefer to grab a hot chocolate. One such day I was roaming on the streets wondering, “Does McDonald's Have Hot -Chocolate” as I have had no other great options for a hot drink near the place. The only relief I could find was a McCafe nearby. 

Does McDonald's Have Hot Chocolate

Here is my piece of genuine review of this hot drink. Is it that hot in taste as well? Know everything here.

So I have always had great expectations from McD, but this one did not seem to exceed my belief. This McCafé Deluxe Hot-Chocolate consists of:

  • 2 % milk (Partly skimmed milk)
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Sugar, water and other natural flavours
  • Whipped Cream
  • And a drizzle of Chocolate 

Is McDonald's Hot Chocolate Good?

Let me bifurcate each ingredient and review them in detail for you. Based on my taste buds, this is my personal take on them, and they may differ from person to person.  

The Milk 

The first sip is delicious; though they say it is made of steamed whole, skimmed milk, it tasted somewhat like regular milk. Not very satisfying to my taste buds.  

Whipped Cream 

I have always had a thing for whisked cream, so the topping on the Hot Chocolate with whipped cream made my day. 

The Chocolate Sauce

They use Ghirardelli which is one of the best premium chocolates. To be really honest, the sauce was relatively thin in texture and mixing it with milk gives out a bland taste. Overall the chocolate milk did not seem to be chocolaty enough as I had thought of it to be.  

How much is hot Chocolate at McDonald's?— The price!

As we all are aware that McDonald's have options in various sizes, and thus the price differs according to the size you order. It anywhere ranges between $2.09 to $3.09 
Final words 

Finally, I would suggest you try this once to know the flavours in your way. However, my ratings lie on a scale of 3 out of 5. Apart from Chocolate and coffee, I am an avid tea drinker as well. Would you like to know which is better, David's Tea or Teavana? Then do check out my blog on it as well. 


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