Is Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce Gluten Free: What you need to know

When it comes to BBQ spread, Sweet Baby Ray’s has been my go-to pick. Binge eating my homemade tacos and streaming my favorite TV series makes my typical weekend. While tacos are homemade and purely gluten-free, I wonder whether Sweet baby's bbq sauce is free of gluten. So, to make your research on the same easier, I went out to learn a bit more about the ingredients used to make the sauces.

Conventionally the barbecue sauce is said to be gluten-free. But seldom, some brands may use thickeners and certain food coloring that contain gluten in them. And it is not entirely possible to guess it right unless and until you know each of the ingredients in depth.

Is Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce Gluten-free?

As we all know, Sweet Baby Ray’s is a famous brand; needless to say, it produces and sells a number of sauces. And they offer five whole different flavors of BBQ dips. But of course, we don't have the entire day to bifurcate each of them and the ingredients in it. My pick for today is the original cause nothing else beats the originals. 

The ingredients on the label of the Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce goes as below:

Final Thoughts

The label itself claims to be gluten-free, and so do the ingredients. But on the contrary, Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce is not certified as a  gluten-free product. So might be you want to take a second before you consume it. But if you are really craving badly for that mouthwatering tangy sweetness in your mouth, a homemade bbq sauce would be perfect! 

Want to know the recipe for it? Then post it down in the comments, and I will pull it in my upcoming article. 


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