Sweet Tea vs Soda - Know the Which one is Better for Your Health

Every year, June has been considered as the National Iced Tea Month. I personally love ice tea, especially in the hot summer day. I have many friends around the world who just love trying varieties of tea. From green tea to masala chai (Indian spice tea), I have tried all. You may have assumed that I am not a coffee person, but a tea lover for sure. Well, tea has many potential health benefits if you take it with a little milk and pure, raw tea leaves.

When you add sugar or any sacrilegious in the tea, it may lose some of its benefits and becomes dangerous for your health. Talking specifically about the ice tea, it is not lesser than a soda because of its sugar content. I am a gym trainer and deal with a lot of people who want to lose or gain weight. Those members who tell me to allow ice tea instead of soda, I say no! You may think that ice tea is healthy and does not contain sugar as the soda does. Sorry, it’s not true.

Is Sweet Tea Better For You Than Soda?

Choosing sweet ‘tea’ over ‘soda’ is quite a common mistake people do. I don’t blame them as the marketing gurus show that such sugary beverages are a healthy choice. They say that branded ice tea is comparatively better than the soda. But, being a responsible human being, you should understand that any sugary beverage is not good when it comes to weight loss. They are as unhealthy as the sodas. 

The smallest bottle of any branded ice tea can increase the calorie of your entire diet meal. If you look for the sugary content on the label, you will find that a 20-ounce bottle is equal to 240 calories and more than 55 grams of sugar. Unlike sodas, it does have nutritional benefits, but sugar overpowers them. 

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, both the products we are discussing here are sugar-sweetened beverages. They may leave a negative effect on your body in the long-term if consumed regularly.

Sweet Tea vs Soda

As discussed above, it is clear that both of these beverages - whether the soda or the sweet tea are not good for your body weight. But, when going in detail, you will find that the tea at least has some of the potential benefits than the soda. For example, green tea works best as an antioxidant for your inner organs. Herbal teas benefit your overall health, including your hair and skin. They can cure your cough as well as period cramps. But, it all goes in the gutter when you mix any of these varieties with sugar.

It’s better to get antioxidants in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables instead of sugary ice tea. I am surely not the tea expert, but I know about the ingredients that are not good for the human body in the long run. It’s not about the debate of Soda vs Sweet Tea as both are dangerous. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that you start consuming the sodas or soft-drinks again. Here, I am trying to say that leave both the options and shift to healthy ones such as fresh juices and unsweetened tea or coffee.

Healthy Tea Options

If you are a hardcore tea lover like me, you may know that there are plenty of tea varieties available in the market. Also, there are many ways to prepare them. In Europian countries, a few bunches of people pair them with fruit-infusions or wine. But, the best and most favorable healthy tea option is the purest form of raw tea leaves.

If you need a change in your everyday tea flavor, you can try adding the milk in your boiling teapot before serving it. Apart from that, you can try Masala Chai that is a specialty of South Asian countries. It is basically a spicy form of tea that works best to freshen you up. You can also try your hands on ginger and mint tea or basil tea to get health benefits. Such drinks are helpful with digestion. 


Sweet tea may have less sugar if compared to the soda, but it can be harmful in the long run when it comes to your health and weight. It can also be a significant reason for chronic disease development. Do not drink tea before or after the meal as tea and coffee may absorb certain nutrients. Stay healthy, be happy, and avoid sugar.


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