How to Sweeten Unsweetened Chocolate? - All Methods Explained

Who hates chocolate? Obviously, no one. But does that happen to you like your chocolate tastes very strong and bitter? There are quite a few ways to sweeten your chocolate. If you are having a similar problem and want to sweeten the baking chocolate, then keep reading the article below and sweeten chocolates at home. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Sweeten Unsweetened Chocolate

In this article, you will get familiar with 2 major and easy chocolate sweetening methods. One is one the regular stove and another in a microwave. If you do not have a microwave at your place, then you go with the stove sweetening process. 

Method 1: Double Boiler Method

The double boiling method is very easy and known. For this, all you need is a bowl, a pan, water, sugar, and chocolates, of course. While working with chocolates or any baking process, you should use a wooden spoon.  

Step 1. You will need a pan first, put it on the stove and add water in it. Now all you need is to wait till the water boils once the water gets boiled, slow the stove flame and keep the boiler above the pan.  

Step 2. While the water is boiling, you must grate the chocolate molds into the boiler and with the help of a wooden spoon. Stir the chocolate well.  

Step 3.  Add sugar as per your taste and quantity of the chocolate. Mix the sugar and chocolate mixture well so that no lumps are left. Keep stirring until the chocolate and sugar melt completely.  

Step 4.  This is the last and final step. After you get a perfectly smooth texture, transfer the solution into a bowl or plate whatever convenient. Let the chocolate sit and cold naturally. And it is done. 

It was so easy, right? Well, you need to be careful while you are melting the chocolate. If the flame is too high, then there are maximum chances of chocolate getting burnt. It will affect taste and texture both. 

Method 2: Microwave Method

The microwave method is very simple and requires no hard work or physical attention. If you don’t want to sweeten chocolate in a microwave and with the help of a double boiler, you can also take a tempering machine. But first, let’s know about the microwave method.  

Step 1: Here you will need a microwave-proof bowl. Using any other utensils apart from microwave-proof ones can damage your microwave. In the bowl, transfer all the chopped chocolate pieces and heat it for a minute, not more than that. Once it is done, check the consistency and see if there are any lumps in it.  

Step 2: Once the chocolate is melted, add sugar in the bowl and keep the bowl uncovered to heat the solution for just 20 secs. 

Step 3:  Remove the bowl from the microwave. Till now, the sugar won’t get dissolved entirely with chocolate, but you need to mix the solution thoroughly till sugar and chocolate get mixed completely.  

Step 4:  Just like the last step from the double boiler method, transfer the chocolate into a separate container and let it sit naturally. 

The microwave makes the process really quick. So, if you are in a hurry, then just keep the chocolate in the microwave and enjoy the sweet treats whenever you want.  


If you don’t have any furnace or microwave, then you can take the help of a tempering machine to temper chocolate and sweeten it. The taste is exactly similar to different methods. It will just take a bit more time than the microwave.

I hope after reading this article, you will effortlessly sweeten the chocolate and in every circumstance too. Enjoy the sweetness every day, and keep improving your recipes to make them better and tastier.


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