Best Chocolates for Chocolate Fountain: Top Melting Chocolates

Chocolate fountain helps in melting the chocolate and keep it warm enough so that it will not become solid again. It flows through the fountain basin and looks amazingly delicious. Whether you have any party at your place, or you are just a professional and creative caterer, such chocolate fountains can be your card of the ace.

There are many chocolates available in the market which you can melt and get help from for a beautiful, free-flowing chocolate fountain. In this article, I am giving a list of the best chocolate for the fountain basin. I hope you will enjoy reading about all the delicious chocolates for the fantastic choco fountains. Let’s discuss all the features and specifications about these chocolates.

Best Chocolate for Chocolate Fountain

1. Sephra Milk Chocolate Fondue

The best quality about this product is that it can be used as dipping chocolate, as chocolate fountains, as well as chocolate chips for baking. The reviews of this chocolate are very positive, and as per my experience with this chocolate pack, I believe that it is the best melting chocolate for the fountain. 

Features and Specifications

  • It is specially created to serve the requirements of chocolate fountains and fondue. If you are very fond of melted chocolates, then you should try this one.
  • Apart from being best for fountains, this chocolate can satisfy all your needs regarding baking as well as confectionary food items or sweets.
  • This chocolate comes in the chips form and does not contain any extra ingredients. It is available in 2-lb, 4 lb, and 20 lb case.

Sephra is the leading in the industry of chocolate fountain manufacturer in the world. The chocolates made in the USA. It is also certified by Kosher dairy, which makes it more suitable for every chocolate lover. What else we as chocolate lovers want? It is a quality product so grab it TODAY! 

2. Wilton 2 Pack Chocolate for Chocolate Fountain

Having a party at home and wanted to create an eye candy at the center of the hall? Then go for the chocolate fountain as just a small dip of that liquid chocolate can make every food item extraordinary. Also, Winton chocolates are here to help.

Features and Specifications

  • Using this chocolate for the choco fountain is effortless. We can readily use it for any of our special days or celebrations without giving many efforts.
  • The quality of this chocolate fountain chocolate is uncompromised as the manufacturer use premium ingredients.
  • It is covered under the category of the best premium chocolate for superior melting which provides the yummy taste of chocolate.

It does not require any oil or chocolate tempering. So, if you want to dip the fruits like Kiwi or strawberries and some other delicious items like brownies, marshmallows, and more; this smooth flowing chocolate is the key. Order it now! 

3. Sweet Fountains Signature White Chocolate Fondue

Sweet Fountain Signature is the best white chocolate for the fountain for sure. It is bright white and offers a rich, creamy taste. Even being white chocolate in nature, it does not require any oil and can efficiently use for chocolate fountains. 

Features and Specifications

  • The ingredients used in the making of white chocolate is 100% natural. There are no artificial additives.
  • The bag provided with the chocolate is the one which we can use to microwave the chocolates. We can melt the chocolate directly in the chocolate basin, microwave the chocolate bag, or dissolve it in a vessel on the stove.
  • The manufacturer is taking care of the flavor, aroma, and thickness of the chocolate so that the customer gets the same taste every time.

There is no beige tint and no issues regarding the melting. Whether you want to use it for home chocolate fondue pots or the commercial baking or fountaining purpose, it is the best for all. Many caterers, casinos, and hotel owners use it so I think you should also try it once. 

4. Sephra Dark Chocolate Fondue

Just like the sweet chocolates, Sephra is leading the market for the darker ones too! It guarantees that the fountain will be the best always if we follow the melting instructions. Even after the date given on the pack, we can use the chocolate by adding extra cocoa butter or vegetable oil to make it thin. Isn’t it great? 

Features and Specifications

  • The rich flavor provided by the creator of this chocolate can blow your mind away. It is delicious and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you taste it.
  • We can also melt this chocolate in a microwave. Although, most of the people prefer to melt the chocolate on stoves.
  • It does not include artificial ingredients and made with all the natural ingredients. It is Kosher certified and does not contain any hydrogenated oils or substituted vegetable fats.

This dark chocolate offers 58.5% Cocoa Solids which makes it amazing. Sephra is a famous chocolate brand and manufactures its products in the USA. Whether you are giving this dip for fruits like strawberries or oranges, or serving it with some other food items, this chocolate fountain just can’t let you down. 

5. ChocoMaker Dipping Candy for Chocolate Fountain

When we are talking about the best chocolate for the fountain, how can we forget to add ChocoMaker dark chocolate flavored dipping candy? The pack of this chocolate comes with the nutrition facts and different recipes. Let’s find out some other features. 

Features and Specifications

  • The pack itself includes the procedure of melting, chocolate fountain, few tips, and some other sweet treats.
  • All the chocolates are gluten-free. It contains milk and soy, which may have some traces of peanuts because of the conventional processing equipment.
  • After the completion of the melting process, if it is set for a while, the chocolates will harden and takes shape. Thus, we can make cookies or chocolate covered strawberries.

Just like the other melting chocolates, this one does not require extra oil, additional fats, and any other additives. It can be the great dipping treat for any chocolate lover. So what are you waiting for? Click here and order today! 

What Kind of Chocolates Can be Used for Chocolate Fountain?

Whether you are fond of sweet chocolates or the darker one, milk, or white chocolates, you can melt any of them without any issue. But, many of us are unaware of the chocolates we can use for the perfect chocolate fountain. As we are discussing the best chocolates for the basin, let’s talk about this topic too!

  • The professionals suggest that the couverture chocolates are ideal for serving this purpose. It is available for the gourmet grocers or any baker’s supply shops. Also, we can order them online.
  • Now, if you don’t find any free-flowing chocolate, you can also go for any local chocolate which is not so thick. The best option is cocoa butter.
  • If you have some thick chocolates, then a little amount of ordinary vegetable oil can work out well. If adding oil is just not your cup of tea, then you can consider making the ganache. By using this option, you can thin the chocolate by using heavy cream and not the oil.

These are the top chocolates for the chocolate fountain, which can fulfill all your needs of white, dark, or sweet chocolates. One thing to keep in mind is that as a host, we should always test our fountain machine before we put the chocolate in it. Using the best chocolate basin is a good idea to avoid any unwanted accidents. I hope this article is useful to you and for all your chocolaty projects. Have some hearty servings and rock the party! :)


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