How to Store Chocolate Covered Strawberries? - Top Secrets

Chocolate & strawberries are the perfect combinations to start and end any occasion. Whether you have an engagement party or any valentine day celebration with your loved one, Chocolate & strawberries combo is just delicious enough to blow everyone’s mind.  If you have children, this item might become their all-time favorite.

To make chocolate covered strawberries are easy to make, but many of our people have an issue in storing them. As we are dealing with chocolates, they could be melt easily. And it may become a mess you don’t want, especially when you are conscious about the texture and its beauty!

In this article, you will get a few easy tips that can help you with storing chocolate covered strawberries. After getting an answer of how to store chocolate covered strawberries; you will never have those weird, messy, and lumped chocolate mess. To make them perfect, you have to prepare them correctly.

How to Store Chocolate Covered Strawberries?

Tip 1: Choose the berries wisely

When you go to buy strawberries, pick the best and fresh ones. If you have bought the fresh batch of berries a few days back and now wanted to make this delicious item, firstly segregate the moderate ripped berries so that the flavor remains stagnant. Completely ripped strawberries may become syrupy. So, always try to maintain balance.

Tip 2: Keep the fruit in the room temperature

Don’t allow berries to get extra chilled. Give them time to sit out to the room temperature so that they do not get ‘sweaty.’

Tip 3: Allow strawberries to dry

We all wash berries before doing any experiment, apparently! But do not forget to dry them nicely. Water on the strawberries is a big no-no! It may mess up the smooth overcoat of chocolate.

Tip 4: Avoid toothpick (if possible!)

Most people prefer to cut the leaves and then use toothpicks to dip the berry. But, that is quite difficult, and also, there are chances to break the strawberries. Instead, you can also try leaves for dipping. Even for decorations, it will look great. Green – Red – Chocolaty!

Tip 5: Try to use butter with chocolate

Butter makes the chocolate dip smooth and also reasonably sticky! Of course, it is not compulsory to add butter in your chocolaty liquid, but if you do so, it will give a fantastic soft mixture as the final product. You will just need 3 teaspoons of butter for 10 ounces of chocolate.

Tip 6: Avoid microwave to melt the chocolate

Melt chocolate on your stove using hot water. You must know but if you have no idea how you can melt chocolate by heating it, then don’t worry! It’s simple. Take some water in a deep vessel and put the chocolate containing bowl on it. The chocolate will be melted soon. Majority of the people out there prefer chocolate tempering machine to melt the chocolate with the accurate temperature.

Tip 7: Melt the chocolate properly

Having a perfect chocolate liquid is essential. It should not be more melted than required. Melt the chocolate properly so that the submerge can cover the berries quickly. Also, don’t forget to shake your fruits after dunking. This activity can cover missed spots (if any!) and take out extra chocolates. After that, make the fruit upside down to cover more.

Tip 8: Keep the dipped berries in the fridge

You have to maintain the chocolate cover strawberries into the refrigerator if you want to store them as amazing as they look right now. These beauties need at least half an hour to set the chocolates. But here, you should keep in mind that they do not require much time than that as they may get white afterward.

How long does chocolate covered strawberries last?

If you want to store them for more than 2 hours, then use an airtight container and keep it in some other cool place. They may last for 2 days after making and decorating them. After two days, you may feel that they are not as tasty like they used to be! So, do you feel the love of chocolate covered strawberries? If yes, then go and spread happiness with them! Being sweet-tooth is not at all wrong. Make chocolates your new language of love and be chocolaty always.


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