Modeling Chocolate Vs Fondant Vs Gum Paste: Top Comparison

Hey chocolate lovers! Are you excited to have chocolate in numerous shapes? Here in this article, I will throw light on the top methods of cake decorating- Modeling, Fondant and gum paste. All these ways will be the feast for your eyes as they will provide the fascinating look to the cakes. These techniques will give you yummy results with the help of different types of recipes. Which method is apt for you depends on your choice and preference. To opt the best technique let’s draw the comparison between these three approaches- Modeling Chocolate Vs Fondant Vs Gum Paste.

First of all, let’s discuss,

Modeling Chocolate Vs Fondant

In different types of shapes, you can mold the modeling chocolate. It is like the clay. You cannot perform this task with fondant which works as the dough-like icing. For modeling chocolate, you need white, dark, semi-sweet or milk chocolate. On the other hand, you require sugar, water, gelatin and food-grade glycerin to form fondant.  

After knowing the difference between Modeling Chocolate Vs Fondant, let’s proceed further to explore the difference between Fondant Vs Gum Paste.

Fondant Vs Gum Paste

In fondant, you will find that it will not dry completely as the middle portion will remain chewy while the gum paste will dry more thinly. The gum paste is made up of egg whites, confectioner's’ sugar, and shortening. Unlike fondant, you will not find gelatin in gum paste. Rather than covering the entire cake with gum paste, it will be more suitable for decorating the cake. If you consider gum paste vs fondant, then you will find that glycerin is found only in fondant and it will remain soft. However, you can make use of gum paste for crafting hand-modeled flowers or other sophisticated decorations.  

Now you must be familiar with the noticeable difference between fondant vs gum paste. Let’s discuss in detail the role of gum paste.

What is Gum paste used for?

Egg whites, powdered sugar, and tylose powder are used to form gum paste which in turn is used to decorate cakes. You can make use of it in producing anything really like metal dog tags or something that stands on the cake. More thinly you can roll the dough without breaking. Any marks of tools or your fingers will not be left on edge. You can quickly make curly cues by making use of gum paste. Now that you know what all these products are let's see what are the ingredients used to make fondant, gum paste, and modeling chocolate.  Fondant: Confectioners sugar, marshmallows, corn syrup, egg whites. (all of the ingredients are pretty cheap to find. Gum Paste: Egg whites, tylose powder, confectioners sugar, food coloring.  Modeling Chocolate: Corn syrup, food coloring, dark, white and brown chocolate. 

Modeling Chocolate Vs Fondant Vs Gum Paste

Modeling Chocolate Fondant Gum paste
Made by melting chocolate and combining it with corn or simple syrup. Dough-like icing which is used on occasion cakes. Rolled fairly thin and perfect for creating hand-modeled flowers.
Prepared from white, dark, semi-sweet or milk chocolate. Made up of sugar, water, gelatin and food-grade glycerin. A Form of egg whites, confectioner's’ sugar and shortening.
On cooling, it will not change its form. The dough will get softer. You will find it in thin and hard form.

From this table, you can gather the basic understanding of three ways used for decorating cakes- Modeling Chocolate Vs Fondant Vs Gum Paste.


Quick FAQ’S

1) Can fondant, gum paste and modeling chocolate cover a cake?

  • Fondant can cover a cake in a very smooth and nice manner.
  • Gum paste cannot cover a cake as it dries quickly and forms hard. 
  • Modeling chocolate can cover a cake but keep it away from the sun to prevent melting. 

2) What can be made from modeling chocolate, fondant, and gum paste?

  • Modeling chocolate: A figure of living or non-living things. 
  • Fondant: A shoe-shaped cake covered with fondant (Any shape)
  • Gum Paste: Flowers and small detailed objects. 

3) What can go wrong while working with fondant, chocolate modeling and gum paste?

  • Fondant: The edges can dry 
  • Gum paste: The detailed objects can crack and break. 
  • Chocolate modeling: It can get clumpy if overcooked, and hence the chocolate can get ruined. 

Now you can decorate your cake as per your wish by making use of these techniques. Enjoy the fun with the help of these top methods. Craft different recipes and relish the taste with your friends and family.



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