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Are you worried about the cream cheese in your refrigerator that you brought weeks ago and forgot to use it? Well, it’s common to forget such things. A lot of my friends and family members have often asked me if the cream cheese can go bad? The answer is yes; cream cheese can go bad. Even the cream cheese can expire, like all the other dairy products such as yogurt, buttermilk, and many more.

Does Cream Cheese Go Bad?

Now you must be wondering that for how long can cream cheese last? I am going to tell you everything that you need to know about the cream cheese in this article. It includes storing methods, how long does cream cheese last and also how to tell if cream cheese is bad. Read this article to find out all the answers.

How long does Cream Cheese last?

The cream cheese has a fixed shelf life and also comes with the best use by or sell-by date. This date is mentioned on the package itself. If you have an unopened container of the cream cheese in your refrigerator, then it can last 4 to 6 weeks beyond the expiry date. Make sure that you store the cream cheese in the fridge to increase its longevity. Sometimes the unopened cream can last for two months beyond its expiry date too.

But, if you have opened the container of cream cheese, it’s suitable to use it with a week or two. The shelf life of the opened cream cheese can be up to 4 weeks if stored properly. The cream cheese contains unskimmed milk with additional cream, so it is advised to store it in the fridge rather than keep it in the pantry at room temperature.

The shelf life of the cream cheese depends on many factors such as the processing method for the cream cheese, percentage of cream; it’s exposure to heat, it’s storage, etc. Many cream cheese variants are heat processed that can be stored in the fridge for up to six months if it is not opened. Other cream cheese that is processed at room temperature can have a good shelf life only if stored in the refrigerator.

How to tell if the Cream Cheese is bad?

Even after storing the cream cheese properly, the frequently asked question is how to tell if the cream cheese has gone bad. There are many features that you can notice if you doubt the quality of the cream cheese.

If you notice any molds on the cream cheese, then probably it has gone bad. Still you can remove the part where you notice molds and see if it can be used. It is not suitable to use such cream cheese as the moisture content of the cream cheese is high which can enable the bacterial growth if not stored properly.

The main feature that you notice when it goes bad is the texture of the cream cheese changes. The color also changes from white to yellowish that indicates that it has gone bad. There are also some lumps if it gets spoiled.

Sometimes a certain part of the cream cheese becomes hard. You can remove such parts and see if the rest is fine to use. However, if you notice that the entire cream cheese has become hard, it is time to say bye bye to your cream cheese.

The last but not the least way to check the cream cheese is to smell it. Generally, when the cream cheese goes bad there is a sour or rather a funny smell which indicates that cream cheese has gone bad. Check for such smell if you anticipate the spoiling of the cream cheese.

So these are the ways by which you can detect if the cream cheese has gone bad or not. If you have a doubt, you can also take a small quantity and check its taste. If you notice a change in the taste, then it shouldn’t be used any further in your dishes or desserts. The taste of the spoiled cream cheese is sour which tells you that it has gone bad.

How to store the Cream Cheese for increasing its shelf life?

It is always recommended to store the cream cheese in the refrigerator. You can store it in the airtight containers or also in fridge bags for ensuring that it doesn’t go rancid. You can store the opened cream cheese in the aluminum foil wrapper or in a container that prevents the fungal growth. The other ways to make sure that it stays fresh is to always use a clean spoon or cutlery for taking the cream cheese out. Never double dip the spoon in the cream cheese to avoid the bacterial or fungal growth in the cream cheese. Make sure to always close the container properly before putting it back into the fridge. Also, make sure that the cream cheese is not out of the refrigerator for more than two hours.

However, the expiry date should be checked on the container before using it. In case, if you feel that it has gone bad then avoid consuming it. I hope this article helps you to know everything regarding cream cheese in detail.


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