How to Store Chocolate Covered Oreos?: Tips you Should Know

Who doesn’t love the combination of chocolate and Oreos? It is so easy to make the chocolate covered Oreos by just taking the melted chocolate and dipping the Oreos into it. Make sure your oreo cookie is completely covered in that rich and fresh molten chocolate. You can select the type of chocolate you want- dark, white or just the regular chocolate. I love entirely dipping my Oreos in the standard chocolate that is available easily in the supermarkets.

How to Store Chocolate Covered Oreos?

As it has both the components that are loved by a significant fraction of people chocolate covered Oreos can be given as treats at birthday parties, Halloween, weddings, get-together, etc. These treats have both the crunchy part of the Oreos and the rich chocolate flavor. But the only question that arises is how to store this chocolate covered Oreos. It is suggested that if you are making these treats for the weddings, then it should be fresh and hence should be made 3-5 days before the day.

Once you have started making the treats, you can also make batches of it and store to make sure that the treats are fresh. If you want to distribute these after some days you have made then you should try this procedure of storing it by following these steps:

  • Take all the chocolate covered Oreos and arrange in the airtight container as a single layer.
  • Take a butter paper and place it one layer of the Oreos.
  • Now place the rest on the butter paper in a single layer again.
  • Cover it with a butter paper again on the top and close the lid of the airtight box tightly. 

In case you have a container that only fits a limited number of cookies you can place it in different airtight containers as well along with a butter or wax paper on the top to ensure that the Oreos remain fresh for the longer run. Remember that these treats have a good shelf life up to a week. So it is recommended that it should be consumed within a week if you are storing like this. It is edible after a week too but might not be that fresh.

Always store these treats in dry and cold storage. To be entirely sure you can also add a label with the date and the use by date on the container so that if people want to eat, they can know the date before which it can be consumed. If you are not sure of which place to store your cookies, then you can also keep the cookies in the refrigerator. Storing food items in the fridge extends their shelf life.

If you want to store your cookies for a more extended period, then it is suggested that you should store in the refrigerator at zero degrees. For storing the chocolate dipped Oreos for two weeks-4 weeks you can keep it at zero degrees Fahrenheit. Many people suggest that you can store cookies at this temperature for up to two, but would not recommend it as it takes away the freshness and sometimes cookies lose their crunch as well.

I hope this article helped you in knowing how and where to store your chocolate dipped Oreos for the festive season that is coming around. Here is a quick tip you can store these cookies in a ziplock bag as well if you are not able to find an airtight jar. In fact, I keep my cookies in the ziplock bag and store it in the fridge and thaw the cookies by letting them sit on the tray for a while before serving it to the guests. You should always take out cookies at least 10-20 minutes before serving that makes sure that your cookies aren’t too cold to eat.


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