Is Hot Chocolate Good for a Sore Throat – Remedies for Sore Throat

Are you tired of baring the pain, irritation, and scratchiness caused by a sore throat that keeps you up all night? 

Can’t stand the taste of the cough syrups that are the kind of sweets you don’t like? 

Don’t want to have lemon and honey as a home remedy for a cure for some time? 

You are in the right place then. We have good news for you. You no longer have to gulp down any of the above things. Instead, you can switch to something that you would love to have as a remedy. It is none other than Hot Chocolate – the one that you love to drink. The one which is tasty, creamy, and full of cocoa. 

Is Hot Chocolate Good for a Sore Throat?

Hot Chocolate as a Pain Reliever

Hot Chocolate as a Pain Reliever

Hot chocolate is considered to be “the food of the gods.” It puts you at ease by fighting fatigue. It makes an individual walk the extra mile, especially when it is a tough day to live. It always feels good to have it, right? But ever thought it could be used as a pain reliever?

People generally question if hot chocolate is good for cold, or does hot chocolate help a sore throat? With an abundance of careful research and various experiments, the scientists found that chocolate is undoubtedly capable when used as a cure. In fact, as per the analyses and multiple studies, some delicious chocolates are better for you when you have a cold or sore throat. It is believed to be better than the ‘not so tasty’ home remedies that you generally use, especially lemon and honey.

How Does Hot Chocolate Give a Sense of Relief if You Have a Sore Throat?

How Does Hot Chocolate Give a Sense of Relief if You Have a Sore Throat

Hot chocolate contains cocoa powder in it. Cocoa is rich in minerals. In its raw form, it contains antioxidants. It also has demulcent properties. The primary function of such ingredients is to reduce inflammation or irritation. This is how a cup of hot chocolate helps you relieve the pain of your sore throat. When you gulp the hot chocolate down, it forms a coat on your dried up throat. It works similar to honey. It desensitizes aggravated nerves in the throat.

Scientists, however, have listed certain limitations while using hot chocolate as a remedy. Keep in mind the restrictions as it is better for your sore throat.

  • Use the hot chocolate mix that contains more cocoa. That is why dark chocolates that contain more cocoa are found to be more fruitful.
  • Do not use sugar or any other sweetener. You have a sore throat, and exposure to sugar content will worsen the irritation.
  • If you are experiencing an abundance of mucus, it is recommended to use water. Using milk will thicken the phlegm and lead to more pain. 
  • Make your mixture dense. It should go down slowly through your throat. 
  • Gulp down slowly, sip by sip. The throat gets dry, and the dryness causes more irritation. Drink it slowly so that your throat can moist as well as feel better due to the heat.

However, you must be well aware of the fact that even hot chocolate can make you feel much better; it is not an all-cure. It means that hot chocolate for a sore throat can give you temporary relief but not a long-lasting cure. So, if you are unable to cope up with the irritation and pain caused by a sore throat and cold, visiting a health care professional is recommended. You can surely have a hot chocolate but do not use it as a pain reliever continuously.


Is hot chocolate good for a sore throat? – Yes

Should it be used continuously to avoid pain? – No

We hope this article has helped you to know whether you can use your favorite drink while you have a sore throat. Stay tuned to this site for more such info. Stay safe, be healthy, and keep experimenting good stuff. 🙂

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