Does Chocolate Go Bad and Make You Sick? How Long It Last?

Are you excited to know the fact that how long chocolate last? It is quite interesting to enlighten with the information regarding does chocolate go bad. Here I will let you know the details on the subject of - can chocolate go bad.

Does Chocolate Expire?

Of course, chocolate lovers your delicious chocolate go bad with time. In the market, you will get the varieties of chocolates. The expiry period of all types of chocolate whether milk, white or dark varies.

Now I will present the relevant points which will make you aware of the lifespan of the chocolate. 

  • If you do not open the package of the dark chocolate, then it will remain fine for minimum two years. On the other hand, the life of one year is meant for white or milk chocolate.
  • You can relish the dark chocolate in the open packet for near about one year and 8-10 months for white or milk ones.
  • Throw away the chocolate when you observe white spots, discoloration, dried out odds, cracks, dots or mold on the chocolate bar.   
  • The chocolate will last longer if you place it in a cold environment. In hot and humid temperature, you can keep it in a refrigerator. During storage, you should securely wrap the chocolate.
  • The sweet treat holds the ‘sell by date’ and not the certified expiration date. Until the specified time your chocolate will remain in the safe condition.
  • The storage place decides the life expectancy of chocolate. In the condition of past printed date, your chocolate will last for 2-4 months in the pantry, 4-6 months in the refrigerator and finally 6-8 months in the freezer.
  • Due to the abundant amount of cocoa in dark chocolate its lifespan gets longer than other types of chocolates. The cacao provides antioxidants in more significant amount.
  • The ‘Use by’ or ‘Best by’ date will give you the proper guidance about the duration of the life of the mouthwatering treat.

From all these points you can make out that the chocolate expires after the specified period and then its consumption becomes unhealthy for your body.

Individuals of all age group love chocolates. Especially babies, young children, and youngsters are fond of this sweet treat. If you store it in an airtight container or a sealed bag and then keep it in the cold dark place, then you will enjoy your chocolate for the extended time. The essential oils in the chocolate get oxidized quickly when it comes in contact with the air. So keep it away from the direct touch of the atmosphere.

After discussing in detail about the topic – ‘Does chocolate go bad’ now I will move on to the other issue which deals regarding hot chocolate.

Does Hot Chocolate Go Bad?

Like regular chocolate, hot chocolate also goes bad. Let’s discuss in detail regarding on what grounds it gets expire – 

  • If the hot chocolate is not handled correctly or the expiration date has been exceeded, then you should not consume it as your health may suffer.
  • The type of powder used in the preparation of it also helps in deciding the lifespan of the hot chocolate. Pure cocoa has the longer life than the chocolate that has added artificial sweeteners.
  • Appropriate handling and storage along with reliable brand will increase the life of the hot chocolate.
  • The open package will reduce the life of the chocolate from one to two years whereas the unopened package can stay for near about three years.
  • The quality of the chocolate gets reduce after ‘best before’ or ‘use by ‘date.

All these points show that with time hot chocolate becomes unhealthy.

To save your hot chocolate from spoiling you can keep it in the airtight container or the cool and dark place. The heat and moisture should be retained away from it.

It would be healthy for you, not to consume the expired chocolate as it may cause health issues. 

Be acquainted with the Fact!

This informative piece of writing will make you familiar with the fact that chocolate expires due to prolonged time and improper way of storage.

If you want to extend the lifespan of your sweet treat, then follow the guidelines mentioned in this enlightening article.


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