Does Coffee Creamer Go Bad? - Things You Should Know About it

Some people can’t start their day without a cup of coffee in the morning. I am one of those too. Well, you know the real struggle of making the perfect cup of coffee for kick-starting your day. With innovative food technology, we are blessed to live in the times where we have coffee creamers easily accessible.

Does Coffee Creamer Go Bad?

These creamers that are used in the coffee can be dairy creamers as well as non-dairy creamers. And if you are wondering does a coffee creamer go bad? Then yes, coffee creamers do go bad. Everything comes with an expiry date, and so does the creamer. In this article, I will describe how to store the creamers and how to tell when the creamers go bad.

How to store the coffee creamer?

While there are many types of coffee creamers available in the market but categorizing in three classes, it is

  • The creamers available in the tetra packings or bottles in the supermarket. These creamers are generally liquid creamers
  • The creamers that come in mini cups that can be used to brew a single cup of coffee and it is also usually a liquid creamer as well.
  • The creamers are available in the powder form, powdered creamers. It is also known as the dairy whitener.

There are creamers such as half-and-half, only milk, etc. You can choose the type of creamers that are best suited for you. The correct way of storing the creamer is to save it in the way it is done in supermarkets. If the creamer you have purchased was kept in the refrigerator, then it is advisable to store the creamer in the fridge only. Especially the large cans or tetra packs should be refrigerated.

If you have purchased creamer that was kept at room temperature, then you can store it in your pantry at room temperature too. Make sure that once you open the creamer, you store it in a cool place and away from heat to prevent the spoiling of the cream. Once you open the creamer, seal it after the use and store in the fridge for increasing its longevity. Keep an eye for it’s “best by” or expiry date. Store the creamer as per the instructions specified on the packs; some creamers can be stored at room temperature while so need to be refrigerated. Read the instructions, notice where it was stored before you bought it and store it the same way. Never keep you creamer open on the table or in the pantry as the chances of the creamer going bad increases.

How to tell that creamer has gone bad?

Generally, the liquid creamers are the best to be used in 1-2 weeks. Keep it in mind to always check it’s best by the date mentioned by the manufacturer on the pack. Liquid creamers should be appropriately sealed and stored in the fridge once you have open it. If you want to check if your liquid creamer has gone bad then check for these characteristics:

  • Creamer that goes bad generally shows a change in the texture. There are clumps in the cream, or the liquid has become chunky. It is easily detectable for dairy creamer as it starts to curdle when it goes bad.
  • There is a weird or sour smell in the creamer which is also an indicator of the creamer going bad.
  • There is a change in its taste.

In case you are using a powdered creamer then check if there is any change in the texture or if there are any signs of molds. The powdered creamers can last up to 6 months if stored properly. If you doubt that the creamer has gone bad the best way to know it is to taste a little before adding it in the coffee. If it doesn't taste good enough, then it is probably the time to throw it. 

Quick tips:

Always check for the ingredients in the creamer if you are lactose intolerant or if you have a soy allergy because many times the non-dairy creamers might contain lactose, soy, corn syrup that can cause allergies.

Try to go for original or plain taste as the flavored creamers contain some or the other source of lactose.

Also if the liquid creamer has been sitting in your shelf for more than three weeks then discard it as it is not healthy to consume it.


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